OK, I give in. I have found awesome items, but a lot of basic stuff refused to drop so far, so I'm going to start trading here.

Forum Name: krischan
Date: July 30th 2013
Versions Played:
- 1.13d RWM SC LoD (exclusively)
Mod Status: see above.
HC/SC Status: SC
Other Information:
- I started with a 100% clean slate a few months ago, with a completely empty stash. At the time of this posting, absolutely all my possessions are self-found, without applying tricks... except the following counts as such.
- I'm hot-muling Gheed's.
- I'm reusing seeds with short routes to Meph, Baal, Tunnels etc.
- I have 3 sets of game keys, so I'm rushing dummies via TCP/IP for their HF and Larzuk rewards, using Sandboxie and Virtual PC, but only while questing through the game with actual characters. That means, I don't mass-rush dummies.
- I neither offer for rushes nor do I ask for them.
- I've never entered open bnet.
- I have no ATMA eth-bugged items, but I'm not that much of a saint for not considering to do it if that's acceptable here.
- I'm using eth cube bugged items.
- I'm using ATMA because I'm an old fart who isn't willing to adapt to new muling programs.
- I'm a semi-packrat. I'm keeping at least one version of every unique and set item, as well as halfway decent other stuff, but I don't have things like an Isenhart junkyard.
Trade Status: Full trade status.