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    I've lost three HC characters to disconnection


    Can you help me? I've lost my monk three times to disconnection and I want to know what might cause them and how could I try to prevent them. Don't give any use skill blaa advice as last of my characters was just on level 7 when she died because of disconnection. Blizzard btw. is not helping at all, they just say that tough luck.


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    Re: I've lost three HC characters to disconnection

    Check that you do not have any downloads or anything that might eat up your bandwith while playing. Even watching an youtube vid might increase your ping enough.

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    Re: I've lost three HC characters to disconnection

    Check these 2 websites. Just makes sure you test more than one server, and not the closest one.

    For the pingtest results, if you get anything other than A, then your connection might not be stable enough. B might still be acceptable, but if you get a C (or worse), then I'd forget about playing hardcore altogether. Just try to test a few different servers, that way you'll get a more accurate overall result of your connection quality. Do the same with speed test as well.


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