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Also dont forget the underrated Poison Creeper. That little guy can consume hordes of hell monsters all on its own, although beenfits from a few feral buddies keeping his back above ground
Bear in mind that Poison Creeper's unexpected power is due to the Last Collide missile mechanic, which requires at least two monsters colliding with the same missile(s), so Poison Creeper is much, much less effective against single or spread out targets. Since -% Enemy Poison Resistance equipped by the player doesn't apply, poison resistant monsters are more of an obstacle as well.

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Wow, this has to make absolutely no sense, what made them decide on 100% DR for NM, but none for Normal and Hell mode?
No idea, although since Spirit of Barbs is a level 30 skill that returns less damage at skill level 20 than a single point in Thorns at level 6 (and the actual percentage damage returned is even less than that displayed), I don't think all due care and attention was paid...