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    Re: The True Paladin

    Quote Originally Posted by Skinbo View Post
    Aww come on you gotta go HoZ and absolve the pious zakarum via their powerful and heralded namesake!!! Redemption!
    I smell a backstory.

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    Re: The True Paladin

    I LOVE this idea! I am all about the flavor.

    If you won't use a Herald of Zakarum because the Zakarum was corrupted, then Azurewarath is WAY out since it was given to Izual and he betrayed Sanctuary.

    Instead, if the flavor is your goal, Heaven's Light is a MUST I feel.

    Get a perfect one: 3 skills, 2 open sockets, and as close to 300% ED as you can get it. I'd put 2x Ohms in the holes, because not only will it make it a very viable damaging weapon, but it sounds like a prayer chant. (Ohhhhmmmm.... ohhhhhmmm...)

    As far as the shields, I don't see how Stormshield has any flavor associated with it. HOWEVER, Gerke's Sactuary on the other hand is oozing with it. Not sure who Gerke is, but Sanctuary is definitely a hot word here, as well as the fact that the design of the shield (in the character screen anyways) resembles a temple of sorts. It's also not a bad shield. Stormshield may have the DR% and faster block rate, but Gerke's has better overall resist, some nice replenish life, and massive integer damage reduction for both physical and magic damage. Socket it with an Um and you have quite a respectable shield with about 23 less strength required than Stormshield. (Though if you use a Crown of Ages, I guess it wouldn't matter much anyways.)

    My suggested setup would go as follows:

    Heaven's Light - Ohm/Ohm or Lo
    Crown of Ages - Ber/Ber or Um
    Tyrael's Might - Um or Pul
    Gerke's Sanctuary - Um
    Seraph's Hymn
    Laying of Hands
    Thundergod's Vigor
    War Traveler
    Wisp Projector
    Mandal Heal

    If you REALLY want to do the whole flavor idea, I'd opt out of the Hellfire Torch, but that is of course taking an enormous hit to effectiveness is all areas.

    I disagree with some of your initial thoughts and supplement my own for the following reasons:

    Stormshield just doesn't ring any "Holy" flavor with me. Protection from... storms... eh, I can't even make it work by a stretch. Gerke's Sanctuary is totally what you want.

    Verdungo's always had a Barbarian/Amazon feel to it. I feel that Thundergod's should have been an obvious choice as the name implies a benevolent God, not a demon, and it casts Fist of the Heavens. Alternatively, I feel that Bladebuckle, while having not much flavor in the name, certainly looks the part, and has decent stats (well, nice hit recovery anyways.)

    Gore Rider also seems way out of place (and as an aside, I find it weird that like 99% of people write it as one word) what with having, you know, GORE in its name. Technically Tearhaunch would be the most ideal flavor-wise, but that's a REALLY lame choice in boots. War Traveler I think is non-suggestive enough to merit a slot in your pickins, and it would arguably be the best choice if you go for Zeal anyways. (All you are missing without Gores is some Open Wounds, and you can do without.)

    I can see why you'd go with Nature's Peace, but this is CLEARLY a Druid ring, and has more to do with Nature than it does with the Peace part of the name. While I am not a big fan of either of the rings I suggested, Mandal Heal seems like a must given your stated goals, and Wisp Projector... I don't know... its there somewhere. Honestly, if you can find a decently-named rare ring with some Life Leech, Resist, Dexterity and Strength, that's be the best option. Raven Frost could work, but you wouldn't need CBF with Tyrael's on.

    The only hard choice I see is to use Tyrael's or Templar's Might. They both works really well with what you are going for. I'd go Tyrael's for sure. Between that, Laying of Hands and Seraph's Hymn, you will be doing 475-500% damage to demons, immensely flavorful, and will actually make you more effective than this idea would originally suggest since you ARE going to be powered down compared to the typical Grief/Death + Highlord's + Fortitude.

    But the setup I described above should give you decent resists, more than decent damage (at least versus demons), and make you look AWFULLY good. I always HATED the way kite shields look, and even HoZ has the medical snakes on its character graphic instead of the lightning bolt and dragon claw depicted in its picture (then again, Holy Shield changes the character graphic anyways. Unfortunately.) But Gerke's will be a nice dark red and white tower shield before casting HS, on a grey scepter with AWESOME blue sacred armor. You'll look DIVINE! Literally!
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    Re: The True Paladin

    Oh, right! Skills! I think Zealot is the best choice here. He's all about religious zeal, he is Fanatical, and he is EFFECTIVE at slaying the wicked.

    Either that, or a Sacrifice Paladin. You'll be much slower, but your damage will be higher. Though you will likely have lower damage per second, you do hit all the flavor marks with it and its synergies: Sacrifice, Fanaticism, Redemption.

    But yeah, classic Zeal build with the above gear and you'll actually fly through Hell unscathed. And isn't that what a holy man such as this should be able to do? I think yes, yes it is.

    And you could always, instead of maxing Zeal, just max Sacrifice and Fanatacism for the damage, then max Fist of the Heavens and Holy Shock for the alternative.

    I just checked out the skills on a calculator, and for what you are asking for this would be the ideal setup. It finishes comfortably at clvl 90 and covers ALL the bases:

    20 Sacrifice
    20 Fist of the Heavens
    20 Fanaticism
    20 Holy Shock
    1 Conviction
    1 Redemption
    1 Holy Shield

    This gives you everything: you have your standard melee attack with Heaven's Light and Gerke's on main hands, then you can swap to Hand of Blessed Light and Sigon's Guard. This works PERFECTLY, because you still get the flavor with your shield and you get an additional skill point from Sigon's to cast FoH. Also, since they are the same, rather that LOOK like you changed weapons, the weapon, IIRC, should look identical, while the shield just turns grey, signifying that maybe your shield simply glows when it calls lightning from the skies. Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me. (Of course, not with HS activated. Sigh...)

    9x Combat GC's and each skill becomes more than respectable. You will have a gnarly Holy Shield on top of upping both Zeal and Holy Shield. Simply set Zeal + Fanaticism on one swap, Fist of the Heavens + Conviction on the other, and BAM! An all-around examplary Paladin who actually has not only serious killing and survival potential, but is varied in his approach to where he can deal with immune creatures of almost all types. The only time you won't be ale to handle yourself is against the rare Phsycial + Lightning Immune uniques.

    You know what? I might make this build, this is totally awesome!


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