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    Re: First time player on Diablo 2 - Need help with assassin!

    I would advise liberal use of Cloak of Shadows and / or Mind Blast for crowd control.
    OH PLEASE HELP I found out why Waldo's always hiding he did so many horrible things please let me in he's righ

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    Re: First time player on Diablo 2 - Need help with assassin!

    my first experiences with dia2 was also assa. c+c martial arts build with some traps which is really challenge really it's not good starting choice, expecially sp untwink. but: i know a lot of people which was started with baba e.g. and they can play nothing else cause baba has hugh life, def, bo and as usual just few skills. assa is fragile and u have to use a lot of skills (usually). but assa has nice crowd control skills (mb and cos), funny and useful shadow, mass areal killer skill (ds)and last but not least bos. but martial arts build is really a little bit quite piece of frustration hh and for untwink are problems: good claws, any cbf item etc. i didn't try, i think, charged skill with shield but as for as defense, resistances, skills, maybe cbf (nice and easy rhyme) is really better start with shield. martial arts or kicker or dancer. now is respec possible so u can use skillpoints of your taste. the same with items. and in final part of nm or in start of hell u can respec and change gear. i recommend to you also: venom, gambling and crafting, upgrading gear. u can buy some + assa, +traps, + ma or + shadow via vendors (prefer anya). although ma build is hard chalenge and it could be hard against bosses and ancients, against groups is funny and powerfull. now i play just kickers or trap assasins (realms) but i created lately one ma build on sp too and now when i know more about game and char it is ok too. imho fade dr is equal to lvl including +skills from items (that's why mercs like treachery )
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    Re: First time player on Diablo 2 - Need help with assassin!

    Quote Originally Posted by Archone View Post
    Iirc, it does give you 1% dr/skill level, not only hard points. So +skills works?

    Am I wrong?
    Hm, for some reason I genuinly thought it was so, but I can't seem to find information about it anywhere.
    I'll stand corrected then, spend all you wish in +skills, but keep in mind physical resistance is capped at 50% for you.
    (elemental and poison resistances at 95% when using increased maximums, and magic resistance at 10% always)
    (certain minions can get imuun to fire/cold/lightning though iirc?)

    Does anybody know if Fade was different in a previous patch, or did someone just pulled my leg at one point?

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    Re: First time player on Diablo 2 - Need help with assassin!

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    Re: First time player on Diablo 2 - Need help with assassin!

    Hey Timewarp, I also returned to this game a few months ago (after a decade ?? hiatus) so felt just as noobish as you did. The assassin was the 2nd character Mat/Pat'ed and IMO she is one of the most diverse and forgiving characters to play with as a noob.

    Having said that, it depends on your build and what you're looking to accomplish. Some players aim to be specialized killing machines that maximize dps, while others prefer to be a versatile swiss army knife that can kill (nearly) anything on Hell difficulty.

    If you fall into the latter category, I would suggest a hybrid kicker / trapper build. This will give you access to both physical and lightning damage and prevent you from being frustrated at having to run away from enemies all the time. My build used a level 18 Dragon Talon (for max kicks), maxed Shadow Master for tanking, and dumped as many points as possible into Lightning Sentry / Death Sentry / synergies. When combined with many "one point wonder skills" such as Mind Blast and Cloak of Shadows, you have a huge selection of weapons with which to both kill / distract and run away form enemies.

    Besides the amount of fun you get from being able to sample from a diverse selection of skills, the build is also extremely item independent (ie. "Strength" runeword) and relies mostly on your skills and dexterity rather than 3rd party muling programs or hacks.

    As for other starting characters that are item independent, you can't go wrong with either the Lazymancer, Meteorb/Orballer, or Hammerdin (Hammerdin equipment can easily be purchased from vendors).

    Be careful when using Cloak of Shadows as it may crash your game in some cases (ie. make sure there are no valuables on the ground when using CoS).

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