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Thread: Lance barbs

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    Lance barbs

    After reading a lot of guides, I've noticed that lance barbs were popular in the past, but have since become underpowered.

    I've only been playing since 1.12 and was jus curious about a few things...

    I'm guessing they were popular in 1.09 and earlier, but what happened in 1.10 to mark the end of the lance barb's effectiveness?

    Will any barb guides from 1.10 still hold true today?

    Can titan builds (all STR) survive in PVM with optimal gear?

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    Re: Lance barbs

    Im not sure if they were more powerful prepatch. But runewords might be the case, I dont know..

    Anyhow, Titan barbs are viable. With the right gear ofc.
    Ive just about to finish my own, and he really needs the life from charms.
    But all stats are on str.

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    Re: Lance barbs

    In Patch.txt's Diablo II Version History, under 1.07 (the Expansion release patch) it mentions that Whirlwind is now properly modified by weapon speed and under 1.08 (uploaded to upon or shortly after release) it mentions that Whirlwind now alternates between two weapons when equipped.

    In Classic, Whirlwind's attack check frequency wasn't (and isn't) modified by weapon speed, so equipping a slow, high damage Lance would maximise damage; in Expansion, slow weapon speed can reduce attack check frequency and thus DPS. One-handed weapons require less weapon speed and IAS to achieve maximum attack rate, and since two one-handed weapons can apply approximately the same weapon damage as one two-handed weapon while applying non-physical damage and modifiers like Crushing Blow more frequently, they tend to be favoured when given a choice.

    The main advantage of two-handed polearms and spears, range, is mostly or completely negated by the fact Whirlwind only searches for targets within a 5 sub-tile or 3 1/3 yard radius, which is slightly less than range 5. Since the vast majority of monsters are size 2-3, there is no difference between rangeadder 2-4 weapons when attacking size 3 targets (all will have sufficient range to hit any within radius), and little difference between them when attacking size 2 targets. Since one-handed weapons like Berserker Axes can have rangeadder 2, and despite appearances Whirlwind is not an area of effect skill (it can attack at most one target with each weapon per check), two-handed weapons have fallen out of favour.

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    Re: Lance barbs

    Yeah and also because grief is overpowered :P

    But titan barbs are really strong if you have the life charms to hold them together

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    Re: Lance barbs

    Hehe lots of things were way way different back in .07 and .08. You should look up the .07 shako it would make you face melt how good it was.

    Lance barbs used to be wildly effective (like a long *** time ago) because WW didn't properly work with IAS and didnt properly work with an offhand. So the best option was to take a big *** two hander roll it to cruel (280 ED) then socket it with ED gems. Cruel colossus swords and cruel pikes were like the botd and griefs of the pre 1.10 era. Though the pike barbs your talking about were more like pre .08 after that many people went over to colossus swords


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