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    How to get 200k dps or close to it

    How to get there without spending a fortune? What did do wrong with my gears as I can't even get close to it. Thanks!

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    Re: How to get 200k dps or close to it

    Your CC is quite low. 28% if i am correct.

    You can take a look at my wiz who has 48% CC and 354% CD.
    She gets 200k with buffs and about 160k unbuffed.

    I play selffound so i can't really give any AH advice.

    EDIT: You should really give your follower some MF items. You only get 6% from the templar,
    before i reached P100 my templar gave me 30% MF

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    Re: How to get 200k dps or close to it

    If you had to replace gear and not spend too much I would replace your amulet and your bracers. Crafted bracers (archon razorspikes of intelligence) can roll best in slot rolls with a little luck. A decent amulet upgrade would need: 150+ intel, 8%+ crit chance, and 50%+ crit damage (or attack speed if you don't have enough gold).

    You *could* get pretty close by just changing your skills. Adding in Glass cannon passive, magic weapon (force weapon or blood magic), familiar (sparkflint), and energy armor (pinpoint armor) would got you a huge gain to dps, but you'd lose build flexibility.

    Hope that helps you on your way...soon enough you'll want 300k, and then 400k dps. :-P

    sent from my GalaxySIII

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    Re: How to get 200k dps or close to it

    Get rid of the chantodo set, and then grab a black weapon +triumvirate should boost your dps significantly.


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