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    Re: Convince this long time BNET player to go SP

    Quote Originally Posted by shintyguy View Post
    for me /players setting is a huge thing. also the abilty to do some totally outrageous builds/projects - NightFish's Sept Sept and SuperDave come to mind. you could end up spending all your time reading up on what others have done and not playing!!!!
    I'd add jiansonz' projects to that list of awesomeness.

    G.R.D. (best thing ever : not playing for months on end, then coming back, with all the characters right where they were)

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    Re: Convince this long time BNET player to go SP

    Quote Originally Posted by Thyiad View Post
    That's not entirely accurate. But they will be joking.
    I have 2 fathers *giggles*

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    Re: Convince this long time BNET player to go SP

    Since the increased rune drops were implemented, the self-found only playstyle is fairly well balanced and fun in my opinion. You can actually find HRs, and the real struggle is to find the hardest to find uniques and (good) skill charms. I much prefer that over it being too difficult to get game changing items like Enigma and Infinity. I don't think I will attempt to trade, but in a small and rich community like this one most items are probably useless because everyone already have them or due to low demand. On the other hand, that one particular item that is hard/impossible to find will be super expensive.

    Hunting for the Grail (all uniques/sets) is useless in a way because you know that you won't ever use most of those items, but it's strangely addictive to update your Flavie report, which is a list of all the items in the game and if you own them. And eventually you'll become one of those bitter guys whining about an item they probably won't ever use (Tyreal's, etc). Here's an example: Pretty cool, huh?
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