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Thread: Ideas for food

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    Re: Ideas for food

    Quote Originally Posted by Stevinator View Post
    Some oddball ingredient there, but I think I can do some tinkering.

    I'm guessing galangal = ginger?

    tianjin dongcai might be hard to track down.

    Vivi's gammon steak I think i could substitute pork tenderloin and it would work.
    Dongcai should be in any Chinese market, can ask for "dong choy" or look for the brown earth pot.
    I don't think you will find it in any supermarket.

    Galingal (aka leng kuas) is related to the ginger family, but the taste is quite different. To clarify, you want the dried/powdered spice form of it. It's a darkish yellow powder, not as bright as mustard. Can also find it in an asian market, but it might be in a supermarket, depending on the size. It's not as niche, I don't think.

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    Re: Ideas for food

    Yeah, I guess it helps with rent. Def cheaper when I lived with my great-aunt. I do miss the city. Living in the Trees... everything shuts down at 10 PM the latest.


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