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    Which Chaos Claw?

    i have 2 Chaos Claws, but i dont know which one to use.. Ive read like 30 Guides, but still dont know, because of the
    max trap laying speed + wwspeed..
    Chaos Claw1.jpg ChaosClaw2.jpg
    Some say suwayyah would be best because of wsm, but im scared of longer duels where id have to bo again and get owned while bugging, but the +50 weapon dmg and +1 bladeshield look very nice to me :/
    Got also a Fools Runic Talon with 30ias, which i'd put in the primary hand, right?

    Thx 4 your answers!
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    Re: Which Chaos Claw?

    WW speed is easy. The only parameters taken into account is the claw type and the IAS on that individual claw. For 4 frame WW you need an EIAS (WSM minus IAS on the claw) of -13 or lower. All chaos claws automatically reach the last WW bp as you get 35 IAS and the slowest 3 sock claws have a WSM of 0.

    Regarding trap laying speed: If you're not gonna WSM-bug you always put the claw you want to hit the most on the glove side as it becomes the primary claw and the other claw on the boot side. The first WW hit check only uses the primary claw so you want to plan accordingly. You probably want to use your Fool's as primary and chaos as secondary.

    For you this would mean:

    Runic Fools + Suwayyah -> (-30 + 0)/2 = AWSM of -15
    Runic Fools + Greater claws -> (-30 + -20)/2 = AWSM of -25

    Add all IAS except from the secondary claw and check the table below...

    AWSM | IAS % needed
    -10 | 89
    -15 | 75
    -20 | 63
    -25 | 52
    -30 | 42
    -35 | 34
    -40 | 26
    -45 | 19
    -50 | 13

    ...which gives:
    75 total IAS needed for the Runic Fools / Suwayyah combo
    52 total IAS needed for the Runic Fools / Greater claws combo


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