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    Re: Paragon 100 selffound, its done!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grisu View Post
    Wow! Congrats! Good to see it can be done without AH/Trading :-) I'm only Paragon 2 in SC, but I only play SC as a training ground for HC anyways.

    btw, good to see that one can solo Inferno on MP4 self-found! Did you die a lot? And how are your HC endeavours coming along?

    No i almost never die on MP4, it takes a really nasty pack (or two!) and for me to get cornered in some way. Galvanizing ward and Blur helps out, and the life leech is a must.
    I have 2.5% from the Sickle and 1.5% from Blood magic for a total of 4%.
    I would love to find a Skorn with LL but no luck so far (i have found no less than 3 Skorns but none of them had LL).

    Regarding HC, i have a P3 WD and a level56 DH, but the DH is no fun right now, sturdy as a wet napkin.
    I am currently leveling a Wizard

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    Re: Paragon 100 selffound, its done!

    Congrats. You rock!

    I will probably never get there myself as I don't play enough and play all 5 characters simultaneously, but combined I'm at 125 plevels (20-30 on each character). Not that that's anywhere close in cumulative experience to 100, but still. Awesome!

    Also, in case it's relevant to the question raised earlier in the thread, I'm able to play self-found MP4 pretty easily on each class (maybe Wizard has the hardest time, WD and Barb definitely have the easiest). I also rarely die. My Barb is plvl 25 or so and can solo Inferno on MP6 without much of a problem. MP scaling isn't as bad as it seems so long as you're willing to kite and/or take defensive passives as necessary.

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    Re: Paragon 100 selffound, its done!


    Great accomplishment! And like mentioned, we have had good updates along the way as well, all in all well done! Its fantastic to see a self found player make it, and with such style (not to mention the boots)!


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    Re: Paragon 100 selffound, its done!

    Well done, hero!

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    Re: Paragon 100 selffound, its done!

    Now that's an achievement. Unfortunately, I'm an AH addict (I actually find the AH min-game fun), so it's not something I'll ever achieve. Well done mate.


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