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    D3 Hardcore Disconnects fact or fiction?

    Lag is a monster both softcore and Hardcore deal with. However lag and disconnects can be deadly in Hardcore. Looking at the D3 forums would have a person thinking this is a regular occurrence, in fact it's one of the most cited reasons people don't play hardcore. So is it true? Are disconnects so rampant? Or are we making mountains out of molehills?

    In my D3 time, both Beta and Release, I've been disconnected once. I was in the middle of act 1 clearing out one of the defiled crypts in the cemetery when I went down. My ISP was down and after quickly reconnecting I rushed on to monk still alive. Sure it would have sucked but as I play on wireless, I knew the risks involved. Having come from the old days of dial-up hardcore D2 I knew what it was like to lose characters to rogue disconnects. However that fear has been largely abated in D3.

    One of the major causes of uproar at the moment in the question of the disconnect timer itself. When you are disconnected from the server it isn't an immediate boot out of danger but the server must recognize that you are gone. It should be within 1 second. But if there is high latency, or you just cast a ton of spells and a flood of packets is still reaching the server, it could be longer. Top range would be 3-4 seconds. Should not take any longer than that…and that’s only in extreme circumstances. Which means in the worst scenario you could be out there for 15 ( five for d/c plus the 10 second timer)seconds or so. Granted that's enough to kill most players but it's a far cry from the alternative.

    Let's say we were to go back to an instant disconnect. No timer, just disconnect and done. How would you die in Hardcore? It's simple, you wouldn't. Diablo now isn't full of immediate deaths, in fact most of the time you can avoid death for awhile even while trapped. If an insta-disconnect feature was put in you could just drop out at the sight of half health and come back to fight again. Welcome back to the days of Alt-f4 in D2 and if I recall correctly, we weren't that found of it. The sad truth of this system is that it will be far more advantageous to botters and farmers than it ever would be to the average player.

    Disconnects on blizzards end however are just as mentioned above. If blizzards servers go down you're in the clear. No timer, no lag, just a get out of death free card. So that begs the questions is Blizzard killing you or your own ISP? If you fear it might be on your end check out this link or of course take to the forums and accuse wildly!

    How has your disconnect experience been? An every day problem? or something you've never experienced? Sound off in the comments below!

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    It\'s a fact :(
    I lost 5 characters to disconect. first 3 in solo play the last 2 in multiplayer (f****ing arcane torrents!!!).

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    it is a fact...I have a P32 right now...I\'ve been D/C\'ed probably 4 times...usually the entire game crashed though so I survived...but don\'t believe I wasn\'t sweating trying to log back in...

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    I\'ve only had one or two disconnects playing D3 since release that have not been caused by my own internet connection going down. If you have issues with disconnects I\'d begin with your isp.

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    Fact! 3 of my Plvl30+ characters dead to it. Several other deaths related to my own settings which could not handle jumping into a graphics intensive melee. 2 deaths legit in one year both on the learning end of my D3 exp.

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    I haven\'t died to any disconnects, but all of my high level hc deaths have been directly caused by rubberbanding. I only play barbs (since D2--in case you have anything snarky to say), so I know it is a function of the ww build, but it blows my mind that the servers can\'t keep up with the glacial speed we move at now compared to D2. If there is a waller boss, rubberbanding is almost guaranteed. My last barb lost an IK helm and belt and a decent set of lacunis when all of a sudden the damage sounds stop, and he shows up dead half a screen away. That was the last straw for me.

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    Re: D3 Hardcore Disconnects fact or fiction?

    I have died to massive rubberbanding/lag, but I don't think I have ever disconnected.

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    I haven\'t disconnected and died, but I have frozen and died and frozen and almost died once or twice.

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    I apologize in advance for the length, but here is a more or less constructive and comprehensive overview of the -actual- issue in hardcore surrounding crashes and disconnects that I wrote up some time ago and posted a few times on the Hardcore D3 forums. The weekly flood of hardcore \"fix DCs\" and/or \"fix game crashes\" forum posts are often misdirected in their content. The problem lies in the character exit timer mechanic, in that it leaves your character in game for upwards of 30 seconds to basically ensure you die. A maximum of 15 seconds is simply not correct, see the early Kripp death vid below (or just test it yourself with a friend a few times). Note that perhaps game crashes and DC\'s have different exit timers, but conceptually (and maybe in terms of rarity too) they are the same, and suffer from the same mechanic.

    I suspect that well over 25% of all dead post-60 mid to high paragon HC characters are dead from disconnects and crashes, or more accurately, the game near-guaranteeing that they die if a disconnect or crash occurs. Is that really acceptable? So yes, with a D2 style \"leave the game\" system there would certainly be less deaths, but is that really a problem? It wasn\'t in D2. It would still be a hell of a lot better than how the system is now, but perhaps a better solution exists somewhere.

    Consider this scenario, which happened to our group some time ago. Our group CM wizzard says on mumble \"my game just crashed\". He\'s in the middle of a pack in MP4, as CM wizzards are, and his character sits there for 15 seconds, taking damage. He\'s still OK, and the game finally recognizes that he\'s crashed, and says he left the game. However, his character then -remains- in the game for ANOTHER 10 seconds, and dies. We literally have a screenshot of it saying \"account has left the game\" followed by \"character has been slain\". How does that make any sense at all? Why would you be able to die -well after- you crashed and left the game?

    This isn\'t anything new, it\'s a common story. Pretty much anyone who has been in the HC community long enough has seen it, and knows it\'s a terrible mechanic that needs fixing. It is -not- debatable. It\'s been over a year since release now, and not a single post from blizzard acknowledging that this is an issue. That more than anything else is what\'s so insulting to the HC community, not that they haven\'t fixed it, solutions take time ok, but that they haven\'t even MENTIONED it.

    A couple of well known videos on the matter below:

    Kripparrian discusses DCs in D3 and PoE, server crashes in D3, and Blizzard\'s failure to handle them:

    Early DC death of Kripparian back in 1.02. Note how long he stays in game for:

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    Lost the power in my house and died once, my P100 died from \"first game load lag\", but I\'ve never died due to a simple disconnect. There have been a few times that it was obvious I\'d lost communication with the server (monsters stop, only I\'m moving, etc.) but those were temporary and I always managed to get connected again soon enough to stay alive.

    One thing I did a long time ago was to change from a wireless connection on my desktop to being wired directly to my router.


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