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    Diablo 3 Playstation 3 Trophies

    A list has surfaced on a Playstation trophy site, called exophase, of 46 Playstation 3 trophies.

    We're not sure where this list has originated from and it doesn't look entirely complete to me as all four kill difficulties aren't included for all bosses. For example, there is a trophy for killing Diablo on each difficulty but only in Normal and Inferno for Azmodan. ¬*The list is 46 long, as I say, which is only a fraction of the number of achievements available to PC gamers so perhaps more are on the way. Check out all the Playstation 3 Trophies for yourself.

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    but who wants achievements and such in single player, I know I certainly don\'t, seems a waste of time.

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    Seven months into the new year and all they have worked on since the beginning of 2013 is the goddamn console version of a broken game.

    This company seriously has its priorities *** backwards.

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    heh, I did think that when typing it\'s a erm catchy little name he has there.

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    I want achievements in single player. And I bet a lot of other people do as well.
    To some people, achievements are things that you strive for when you want a break from how the game normally plays. I have quite a few single player games on steam that I enjoy getting the achievements for.
    Not everyone is in it for the epeen...

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    I think you\'re forgetting 1.0.7 and 1.0.8.

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    I think Flux was wrong about that information stop till monday ...

    The internet is exploding with info on all those Blizzard fan sites already.

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    This is great news.

    I played D3 for about 4 months straight last year, from launch until september. It took me about three months to play through Inferno HC, which was my goal.

    The game was somewhat of a letdown for me compared to D2, which I played off-and-on (lots of \"on,\" though) since it came out.

    Diablo is the only PC gaming I do, and I\'m an avid Xbox 360-er. I\'m also an achievement completionist, and my decision to get D3 for xbox was going to weigh very heavily on the achievements. I\'m extremely relieved that I don\'t have to play each character to level 60 and through inferno difficulty. With no AH, grinding to 60 would have taken forever.


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