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    Need help selecting builds

    Returning to D2 after a prolonged absence. I'm a mod gamer, so I've already discovered some good stuff like playing in high resolution, PlugY, etc.

    I'm a Magic Find addict. I play solo. I only use what I find but I do use an expanded, shared stash. It's like I have a team of characters that all share their gear.

    Given this type of setup, what would you consider the best PVM build for each class? They can't be builds that rely on specific high-level uniques because I might not find them. They also can't be builds that require multiplayer turbo-leveling. Has to be able to quest solo.

    For example, for Necro, a Fishymancer seems obvious. Completely gear-agnostic. What would be the comparable builds in other classes?


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    Re: Need help selecting builds

    A meteorb Sorceress? Killing power + mobility lead many fans to chosse this as their MF build of choice.

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    Re: Need help selecting builds

    hammerdins, java zons, plaguemancer, hoark barbarians.... roam around the boards there are many builds suitable for MF. If you want to focus on bosses then teleport comes in handy... however if you are like me and prefer larger zones with multiple enemies (AT, pits, mausoleum) then all of these builds are viable!

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    Re: Need help selecting builds

    Trap assassin is a favorite of mine. Fire Blast for lightning immunes, and Cloak of Shadows or Mind Blast for crowd control. The best claws can be shopped for, with a little patience.
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    Re: Need help selecting builds

    For the druid, you might try the "town dump bear." A google search should find it for you, or you can look for the guide in the druid forum here.

    For the amazon, I recommend a fishyzon: Lightning Fury and Frozen Arrow (I think it's that one). There's a guide somewhere around here.

    For the assassin, I highly recommend this build: It's flexible enough to be successful in any area, and can be played with low end gear, but then take advantage of better gear once you have it. (Eh, ignore the two big quoted parts. I had been doing a theme with my build posts.)

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    Re: Need help selecting builds

    trap assa or shadow dancer (balanced with accordance with items u find), cold/fire soso, poison java...

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    Re: Need help selecting builds

    I really love lighting mf sorcs. They reach the highest possible damage and chain lighting just rules in PvM


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