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    Re: this computer cannot run diablo 2

    that cheapish alternative works but due to my room layout second monitor cause some cable issues. I used 2 monitors in the past as well but when i changed my room layout i gave up one.

    i will check Ultramon when i have time to test a few things.


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    Re: this computer cannot run diablo 2

    Quote Originally Posted by mackscynox View Post
    yea, my computer says that.

    i bought a new larger monitor and connected pc to that. due to protect my eyes i had to fall back away from monitor but this time the colors of the game cannot be selected properly. You know, the color of unique and rare becomes too similar to differentiate, dark areas are too dark to see anything, maybe because of the view angle (i always play d2 in window mode btw). when the lights out, feel is good but for my eyes it is not

    i decided to test 2D instead of 3D selection you would do in videotest application that comes with D2 (i set it to 3D long ago). but when i run it, application says "this computer cannot run diablo 2" and gives no option to select. all i wanted to do is to play with contrast and brightness because in 3D window mode the contrast has no effect.

    is there a way to increase the brightness/contrast by registry perhaps or any way to enable 2D?

    compatibility stuff/run-as-admin did not work.

    system: win7 x64, d2 has to be window mode (i dont want to kill explorer), i play bnet so no external glider etc please...
    i can play d2 with no problem, only the videotest application fails to give any option to play with video settings. my vid cards are nvidia, i thought i could change this from their settings but i could not find the option to set it for one application only.

    pretty sure glide wrapper is legit with blizz


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