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    Oct 2012

    EU ladder - assa claws

    Superior suwyyah

    8% ed
    2 ar
    +2 phoenix strike
    +2 mind blast
    +2 wake of inferno

    I never had an assassin.

    Could this be of any use? :-O

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    IncGamers Member mackscynox's Avatar
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    Re: EU ladder - assa claws

    mind blast is pvp skill so it needs to be +3 to be useful. some other skill for pvp assassins are required: lite sentry, venom, weapon block etc...

    also due to speed breakpoint issues greater talons or runic talons are preferred.

    for pvm still i would look for some other skill that can be used in builds like litesentry, deathsentry, venom, 1pt wonders etc...

    i personally would charsi it. wait for another comment though.

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    Re: EU ladder - assa claws

    i would charsi them as well there are other options that can be so much better...


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