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    h-omogenized* It would be swell if the language filter was a little more intelligent! :P

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    Regarding DH: - Tell Blizzard to restore the proc. coefficients to Caltrops and Grenades. Making an entire line DH skills completely useless and unused was completely unwarranted, especially with permanent up-time WotB Barbs and perma-freeze CM Wizards still running around owning the game.

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    Ironborn mode, tick-box, make us play with new stash, no AH and bound to account items 90% (legendaries not inclusive).

    Is that a character question btw?

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    They were changed to Primary Skills for the Monk during dev. Initially there were 6 or 7 combo skills. I just updated the combos article in the wiki if you want the historical details.

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    I have a perfect question on the subject of classes and skills:

    Why is there so much reliance on crit chance build into skills? Are there plans to move away from this so that other stats can matter as well and so builds can function without 50% or greater crit chance?

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    These comments are wizard related but could translate to other classes, too.

    What scope of changes to skills and passives is being considered? I don\'t want minor tweaks, I\'m hoping for a change in approach. For example, they were excited to talk about the crazy idea that a wizard might be able to summon two hydra at once under special circumstances. Only two?

    People talk about build diversity but then the limits on skills are so severe. I don\'t want to \"choose which hydra I use\" with my build. I want the choice of being a hydra wizard. Adjust the damage, duration, whatever, but let me use hydra as my main damage dealer. I want to fill the screen with them.

    That\'s just one example but illustrates the point. A design paradigm where you are pushed to having on signature spell, on damage dealer is boring. I don\'t want three viable wizard builds, I want three dozen. The only way to make that possible is to unchain the skill system.

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    If the barbarian is working as intended, how do they feel about RLTW sprint doing most of the damage in the standard WW build rather than WW, especially given its dependence on MH weapon damage and speed?

    How do they feel about mandatory passives. The barb and monk are talked about a lot here, but the WD has grave injustice, which is the solution to an earlier poster\'s comment about cooldowns on the WD. Passives seem like a much simpler version of D2\'s skill tree, where there\'s a clear best set of choices which pushes towards ubiquitous builds for classes, or the illusion of choice. That\'s especially true for HC, but I don\'t expect that HC will ever get special treatment.

    An issue with class specific questions with the item overhaul looming is that we don\'t know how the items are going to interplay with the classes as they are, without considering any skill changes. The watered down example we have is how Thing of the Deep changed or made it much easier for WD\'s to play a certain way. It\'s good information when many WDs are using one for normal farming.

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    What bout Molten Arrow?! Why was it removed? Any chance to get it back?

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    I'd ask if they can talk about any upcoming changes to the monk class. From pre 1.07 "Currently, monks spend a lot of their time applying an assortment of DPS buffs through the use of utility and survivability buttons. The bulk of monk damage comes from very passive gameplay, like healing yourself to get a damage buff, or applying Sweeping Winds and not looking at it again. We want to give players who enjoy the fantasy of being a blur of fists and feet a more active playstyle, and we'd love to play up some other fun mechanics as well."

    "We feel that the monk has the most potential for improvement, and we have plans to make more changes to the monk after 1.0.5. The sort of changes we‚€™d like to make are not simple number tweaks, though."

    Of course, with the 1.07 patch we received buffed damage numbers, which was needed, but we have yet to see any changes beyond that.

    Specific questions - There has been mention of offering more offensive passive options for the monk. I love the concept of combination strike, but when you realize you have to use 3 active skill slots to reach a +24% damage increase, it just comes off as lackluster. The damage buff could be increased, or perhaps the skills that proc it could be expanded to include other 'strike' type skills (dashing strike, exploding palm, lashing tail kick, seven-sided strike). The only other offensive passive we have (Guiding Light) only works in group play, and it's pretty hit and miss. As far as I know, it's also the only passive in the game that requires you to be in a group to use it. Any details we can have on the direction this is going?

    Also, any word on Spirit Generators/Combos being re-worked? Thunderclap is just too good in comparison to the others.

    Lastly, I'd just say - please increase the radius on Exploding Palm. I tried it for a while after the patch, but even at 50% monster life, it's just not worth it if the explosion doesn't hit anything. If the radius was a closer to the radius of, say, sweeping wind, I think people would actually start to use it.

    For reference:
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    A very good example of how slim the roleplaying aspect in the game actually is at the moment.

    So the devs played around and made their characters during developement. And now we\'re stuck with having to play their characters? Exactly? To the detail?

    So what\'s in the making/planning/discussion for actually including a rpg character system into the game for us to play around with?


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