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    Is there any chance of Monk Spirit Generators ever going back to being Combos?

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    Monk spirit generators are too similar/weak they need to be more diverse in damage range/skill effects/AoE/mobility/ and base resource benefits. Dashing strike runes are weak outside of quicksilver, the flying kick one has crap animation and should do 2x damage,

    Here\'s an interesting question. Why can\'t class specific items(armor/weapons) have something specific to the class that they always roll with in addition to the 6 affixes to make them more useable?
    When are classes going to get resource regeneration options that aren\'t all based on crit like the WotHF 15% chance to get energy rune?

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    1. Any chance for introducing new passives ? Or changing existings passives? So they make a big difference when they are selected? Right now their effects are underwhelming (example, I do not feel that +20% minions life makes any difference, but +100% minions damage could make it)
    2. Any chance for making lightning wizard viable? We do not have much lightning skills apart from weak, no cost attacks.
    3. Why resistance system feels SO flat? It does not matter really what gear I have, my resistances will be similar for each element and the differences will be probably very small. Like every res will be around 300, plus minus 40. In the end I will feel no diffence when I fight different types of monsters. In old diablo 2, when you had 25% and 50% resistance , the difference was huge, 2 times. And getting resistance gear was important. Now it is not, because \"all res\" is so common and because of stupid scaling of resitance effectivness. Do not tell us that there will be new resitance geat, so we can choose between +80 res all and +100 for specific element. To make this viable, you would need to scale down res all to like +30 max. Then it would make sense to keep +100 fire etc. This would introduce some gear choices. Right now, items do not matter, only DPS, life and res all are relevant.
    4. Any chance for making monsters immune to some types of damage? I know some players do not like making choices, so they just keep attacking monsters with same skill over and over again. But in diablo 2 it was nice to have different skills available, that were used when your main attack was innefecvie. Once again, this introduced customisation, because there was no single best build for class. You had to think, decide which skills to use. Now you just look at DPS and do not worry which skills you are using. Only DPS matters.

    5. Will they enhance boss battles ? Some are nice already like Butcher, Belial. But Diablo is not dangerous enough. In D2, ligthing attack was able to kill many characters, now in D3, diablo has claws removed and can\'t kill anyone. Additionally, many boss battles are tedious, like spider queen, mahda, kuule etc. Simply press attack button, change target to minions when they appear, target boss again, watch it die. Figthing against random pack is more interesting, they pack more punch AND they cause you to move (sentry, desecrator, whatever). Maybe D3 team redesigned boss battles already for console and they will introduce changes to pc soon?

    6. Maybe Blizz could add new passives for all classes that would \"twist\" level 1 spells? For example , wizard could get a skill that \"signature skills do double damage, but they also get mana cost (different per skill, or same , whatever). Suddenly a few new builds become viable.
    7. Why they do not show us damage for each skill? I see DPS, DPS , DPS, this game is only about one stupid stat DPS. I would like to hover mouse on a skill and instead of seeing \"187% DPS\" , I would like to see 3400-4900 damage listed (plain damage, without chance to crit calculated etc). Maybe this is because devs thinkt that people are stupid and would have trouble between choosing 3400-4900 and 4000 - 4700, so they made one STUPID stat DPS so players do not have to think. (I do not say remove DPS, just add other ways to show damage, so players can choose what they prefer to see)

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    What are the plans for increasing diversity of builds in D3 for all 5 classes? There are many examples of skills with half potential they have now (sometimes even less). Good example is Wizard Mirror Image, the runes are worthless.

    Builds have a minor impact on gameplay! Everything is about items, how they want to straighten up this situation?

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    Actually the 79% example is Barbarian hardcore. =/

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    Not on topic but I will try:

    Whath with PvP, do they plan new type of PvP interaction between players like more complex duels, team death matches, capture the flag, rabbit run, siege etc.?

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    I always pictured the DH moving and shooting at the same time, its how I pictured the class before I installed D3 for the first time. Picture Morpheus from the Matrix with his dual MP5\'S.

    There is this technique called \"stepping\" used mostly by a clan on the BNET forums. They play glass cannon specs and perform this \"Stepping\" maneuver pretty much the whole time they play, Its the only real way to stay ranged at higher MP levels by using movement.

    This seems like a broken game mechanic by having to move your mouse and manipulate your keyboard in an extreme way just to play as a ranged character.

    Being able to perform a quick slashing maneuver across the screen while firing would be revolutionary for the DH gameplay. Apparently this is possible on the console (FLUX CAN YOU VERIFY THIS WHEN YOU TRY THE CONSOLE?) but not on the PC unless you seriously give yourself arthritis at an early age by \"Stepping\".

    so in summary...

    1. Confirm DH shooting while moving on console and how it feels.
    2. Ask the devs take on stepping on the PC version, should this even be necessary to gain an advantage over monsters?
    3. Thoughts on the discrepancy between the two?

    Really that\'s the only things that bugs me about the DH.

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    Ah.... mirror image. Why not give new passive to Wizards that tell , all mirror images are doing 25% damage. Suddenly new build is viable!

    IMO, passives should make BIG impact and not do things like +5% crit chance overall. But rather \"this skill is now much much stronger\".

    And the important thing about skills. It does not matter which skills we use. Only DPS matters and skills are just visual representation of this DPS. There is no reason to change skills. Well, you may get tired with visual effects etc and then you change skills. But there is no reason like \"this skill will be more effective in this area / monsters will be immune to it\" etc.

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    Also, here\'s some suggestions I have (original list here:

    - Some way of automatically skipping cutscenes and video.

    - Some way of not being able to skip cutscenes and video if there\'s a player in the game that has never seen them before. (A lot of people jump into public games the first time and it\'s standard practice to skip cutscenes.)

    - Report players AFK in any public game, even in a 2-player game, so the game does not appear in the \'public games\' queue until the person reported gets in combat again. (Works like reporting AFK in a WoW battleground.)

    - Three options for monster power for public games. A: You must beat MP0 to \'unlock\' MP1, etc. B: Individual quest progress for each MP level (with higher MP levels unlocking quest progress on lower MP levels at the same time.) C: Unlock based on paragon level, similar to how Nightmare/Hell/Inferno unlocks at 30/50/60.

    - The ability to join a public game on \'any act any quest\' is awesome, but make it filter to only quests the character has currently unlocked and would be able to queue for if there was no \'any act any quest\' option. Then, allow this \'any act any quest\' to work at all levels 1-59 while leveling, not just level 60 (while keeping the \'only the quests you could actually queue for\' filter of course.)

    - Block all ability to join a game that is farther along in the quest than your character has ever unlocked.

    - Make white/grey items have a reason for their tooltips cluttering up my screen and my accidentally picking them up when fighting in melee combat...or give me a way to get their tooltips off my screen and stop accidentally picking them up in melee combat.

    - This is one I\'ve wanted FOREVER since the closed Beta. PLEASE REMEMBER THE HAVE MATERIALS AND/OR CAN EQUIP FILTERS WHEN CRAFTING. Having to constantly click these back on every game I join really kills the desire to craft.

    - I\'ve also been suggesting this since closed beta: The ability to have both the \'can equip\' and \'have materials\' filters at the same time. I also think the \'can equip\' can be smarter and filter out items below the item level you\'re currently wearing for that slot. Why would you ever want to make something weaker than what you\'re already wearing?

    - They finally added the \'stat changes when equipped\' to the tooltip in the Auction House, like I\'ve been asking since closed beta. However, I\'d like the ability to filter by the \'stat changes when equipped\' results. I would like to display only items that will increase my damage, life, or protection, or any combination of those three results. This would SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the time I spend browsing the AH looking for upgrades, saving me the hassle of having to check every single tooltip (and sometimes twice for rings or dual wielding).

    - Here\'s a big one: Ability to sort the AH by \'bid\' instead of just buyout. (Also, when you set a maximum buyout price, bid-only auctions are hidden completely...they should show bid-only auctions that are less than the \'maximum buyout\' specified. Right now bid-only auctions are completely messed up, hard to search, hard to find, etc. And they\'re my favorite way to sell stuff. =(

    - This is something that would take some major work and would be after major changes to making items worthwhile and stuff, but man would it be nice if the AH could keep a record of all the sales that have happened in the last X amount of days and use some kind of algorithm to \'recommend\' a buyout price for your item based on its stats. Not wanting to figure out a buyout price is the reason why I post bid-only auctions. =( This would also go a long way to significantly reducing \'flipping\' as well.

    - Another one I\'ve been asking for since closed beta. Include the 15% markup in the auto-bid-price!

    - For stackable consumables (light blue text like potions, pages, gems) have them auto pickup like gold does, especially if you have a stack already in your inventory.

    - Pickup radius and movement speed increasing with paragon level could be cool. Even if it\'s not a whole lot, these are the stats that having 0 of them is really, really annoying, and of course getting as much as you can of each is nice. Maybe making the pickup radius of gold (and consumables) only and leave the pickup radius of healthglobes at a default that isn\'t altered by paragon level?

    - Be able to block people on your friends list from joining your party at random, but allow them to join your game. I don\'t care if they join my game at all, but when they join my party it blocks me from queuing for a public game and when I leave I pull them back to the lobby and all kinds of annoying things go on. I don\'t like the \'party\' system much. =/

    - Those times when your character talks (like mighty blows or when you\'re almost near death or recover from almost near death), broadcast that so other nearby players see/hear it too. This would make multiplayer a little less silent at least, since it\'s missing the chatter from the followers.

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    Also regarding the most used spec : do they plan to hurt CM wiz and WW barb ? Isn\'t there a limit in buffing the other skills for them to compete?


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