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Thread: Monster Power

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    Monster Power

    What is monster power? At default it's set to off, but I can set it to anything from 1-10. What will the differences be? I assume the game will be harder, but do they gain more HP, do more dmg, do they drop better/more loot and how severe are the affects?

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    Re: Monster Power

    See here:

    The main takeaways are:

    With each level of MP, monsters gain a little damage and a lot of health. Your MF, GF, and experience are increased a fair bit (but nothing that you'll really notice given the poor drop rates).

    The main thing that MP does is, for Inferno, monsters in all Acts become mlvl 63, which makes them capable of dropping the best loot. On MP0, only Inferno Acts 3 and 4 have mlvl 63 monsters that can drop the best loot.

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    Re: Monster Power

    To add a bit to Ivan's post, MP1 or greater enables level 63 for all enemies on Inferno, which enables them to drop the highest quality items. It also enables the enhanced monster density added in v1.08, which makes Acts 1 and 2 as good or better for farming than Act 3.

    MP2 or higher is just adding monster hit points and damage in exchange for MF/GF, and exp. But you've got to play on at least MP1 to reap the full benefits in A1/A2 on Inferno.

    Higher levels of MP is also extremely useful on lower difficulty levels, especially on Normal and Nightmare for much faster leveling up with a new character.
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    Re: Monster Power

    Just to add a quick bit of advice: You'll notice the biggest difference between MP0 and MP1 in Act 1. It's not that it's any harder than the other Acts, it's just that it's where the monsters make the biggest jump in difficulty (since all are converted to Mlvl 63).

    That being said, MP1 is only minimally more difficult than MP0, and you get a significant amount of benefit from MP1 (as the others have listed).

    I just realized something: I have no idea what level your character is, what difficulty you're on, Hardcore, etc.
    If you're in Inferno, everything is spot on.
    If you're in Normal/Nightmare/Hell, that jump in Act 1 won't be that noticeable at all. If you're leveling a character (not HC), go ahead and bump the MP up a bit and see how it feels. I leveled my later characters at the higher MPs in order to rush through... but I had a lot of twinks to pass down at that point. I would try MP3 for leveling and see how that feels. In Normal/Nightmare play on the highest MP you can comfortably. In Hell, you'll probably want to back off a little. If you're not playing HC you can always dial it down if you're getting killed often. If you are playing Hardcore, take your time and just dip a toe in MP1 and see how it feels. You can always go up, of course.

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    Re: Monster Power

    I play on mp6 only because stuff dies so fast its not really that much fun at lower mps


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