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    Chat channels

    Have they anthing planned that no one has mentioned in forums. Lets call it suprises.

    New secrets levels thats hopefully more interesting than whimsyshire.

    Jay likes his new job

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    yeah I definitely want to hear more about the \"regrets\". I think it\'s fascinating to see Blizzard facing up to and admitting their many mistakes with D3, all of which generally boil down to them not listening to their fans during development and thinking they knew better than their customers

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    Yeah I second this. It has come up multiple times but they always seem to miss the basic idea.

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    Other than Ironborn (and a bunch of other gamemodes/races etc)...

    I\'m very interested in hearing what they think of microtransactions. I\'ve recently thought about it and mentioned it in the comments a couple times but have never really seen anyone bring it up with the devs.

    I could see it being a valid source of income for them if they sold a bunch of \"quality of life\" services and cosmetic stuff (not pay2win). Main example I would like is buying additional stash pages and character slots.

    In a mode like Ironborn it would obviously mitigate the lack of RMAH income for them aswell.

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    General Questions

    1. In diablo 2 LOD players had the ability to gamble, craft, imbue, socket, upgrade, and re-roll items to get what they needed to keep playing. This was all on top of item drops, meaning, a player did not have to rely on specific drops to build a good character.

    Q - Will diablo 3 players see more options in the future besides the limited crafting we have now (archons are the best with everything else not worth the cost), drops and the almighty Auction Houses?

    Console Specific Questions

    1. Offline play was a very requested feature for the PC version of the game, much gnashing and wailing of teeth ensued when this did not happen. Its still a talked about topic to this day.

    Q. Is the console version of Diablo 3 with Offline play meant to fill this gap and was this the idea when the console project first started?

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    There are unanswered questions on the D3 forum FAQ.

    Covering these would likely be a great idea.

    Especially - Hard Drive Requirements. I know people that won\'t pre-order without that information.

    Unanswered questions:
    *Note: I freely admit that I can miss things or not know everything. If you know an answer to something(that is official) please let me know so I can update it!

    Q: Will options like in the PC version be on console?(turning on damage numbers etc)

    Q: What are the Hard drive requirements for PS3 and / or Xbox 360?

    Q: What happens to a Hardcore character if I save it to a USB then it dies on my console? Can I just reload it and bring it back to life?

    Q: How exactly does the controls work. For someone like a DH how do you control the range of stuff like spike traps or RF bombardment?

    Q: Will the game feature Offline LAN capabilities?
    (I\'m guessing no, but blue confirmation is good.)

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    I have IncGamers T-shirts, perhaps she\'d like one as a gift.

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    Why did you remove the little monsters that used to gather gold for you. Those could be brought back as gold-payed pets to give the game some style (I really liked DH tycoon ability).

    Why did you removed and I really liked those things.

    Now, on a more serious topic. Why can\'t I get hammer of the ancients on my monk while wearing an stone of jordan. That would be really nice (along other abilities, this used to exist on diablo 2). And how about passives? like a ring that allows any player to use One with everything.

    How about making all kinds of elemental effects affect skill damage and add a new kind of elemental rune to the abilities to synergize with them. So for instance, a fire sword (or legendary item) + a fire stone of jordan + a fire tal rasha ammy all of that stacking with a fire enchanted skill (let\'s say way of the hundred fists) to increase DPS without relying on CHC, CD and IAS?. All of the elemental affixes coupling together to achieve this.

    Items incantations are coming back ( Because the way I see it, seems like the dev team decided to leave her out of the game for some reason ( I can think of unfixable bugs, in a reasonable time span, to rush the game, but that\'s just me). The way her quest is still active in-game and the way her spots in towns are still there with no change but just the absence of her (and I can also think that she had the responsibility to identify all).

    Shields, 2 handers but skorn, how many expansions are planned?

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    get a picture of her wearing an incgamers\' t-shirt and I\'ll send you $30

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    I like where they went with the new crafting plans as a self found player.

    Any plans to tweak old recipes so they aren\'t worthless?
    Can we expect more recipes to round out the rest of the character?
    Anything new and exciting about crafting in general?


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