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    Blizzard Visit: Diablo 3 and Diablo Console Questions

    As I mentioned on the last podcast, I'm one of a few fansite peeps who have been invited to an event at Blizzard this Friday, June 28th. I'll be in the Blizzard offices all day Friday, and while the itinerary isn't yet finalized, the tentative plan is to give us 90 minutes play time on the Diablo 3 Console, plus a 2 hour lunch with the devs, plus an hour-long Diablo 3 Open House conversation with the devs. (There's even play time set for Hearthstone, which should be interesting as I know zero about it.)

    The format sounds like of a group chat/conversation rather than a standard interview, but with the generous time allotted I should have ample opportunity to ask about any number of issues pertaining to Diablo 3, future patches, development ideas, rewards and regrets, etc. So if you've got questions you want answered, or general topics you want to be sure we discuss, this is an excellent time to let me know. Hit the comments below for that.

    There will be an NDA, as always when visiting Blizzard, but I think they'll just ask us not to post anything until early next week to give everyone who attends a chance to return home and prepare their coverage. So hopefully by next week I'll be free to communicate everything I see and learn with you guys. Expect articles, videos, and some podcast coverage as well.

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    Stuff I would like to see discussed (not that I expect any of this to be discussed, but it's what I would be most interested in):

    1) What types of perpetual content are the devs planning on implementing, if any (e.g., infinite dungeon, etc.). Do they consider this the second-biggest (after itemization, I guess) need, or is this really on the backburner such that we shouldn't expect this post expansion, if ever?
    2) Have there been any considerations for procedurally-generated challenges (e.g., kill this boss with this type of skill/rune) with their own rewards? If not, is it because they haven't considered it, or because they think it's uninteresting?
    3) Are there any plans to boost drop rates such that the game is still interesting in terms of getting a (probably crappy) legendary once you can farm MP4-MP5? Right now, it's hard for me to find upgrades, ever, and I'm still <100k DPS, but the lack of rewarding drop rates is really lame.

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    Well, the obvious question that I kind of doubt even needed suggesting: What is the status on 1.0.9 patch, that is if there will be any before the itemization patch.

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    eta on drop changes? tired of getting 500 crap rares for every crap legendary

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    1.Will u ever stop profiting from bots and just end their era so we can have a proper market?
    2.Will we see public games and a better chat in the future? (THIS WILL NOT RUIN the auction house ... people are itching badly for a proper social establishment within the game. At the moment there is 0 social interaction ( even whit the updated party bonus , people don't talk to one another = no fun.
    3.Increase legendary drop rate on bosses , will we ever see it ?
    4.Support for multiboxers (since u allowed it) loot master (party leader can see all drops from all players or sounds on drops from each character in party (at least for legendary's , rings and amulets.

    that's all thanks and good day.

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    "That's an interesting idea and it has come up in discussions but we don\'t have any definitive plans right now."

    Insert this answer for all questions.

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    be sure and say "Hi" to Jill Harrington

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    Any plans for a demo on the console version? If so, before release, at release, or after release?

    I ask this because I want to be able to try out the controls before I purchase the console version. I would like to get preorder bonuses, but I will not preorder unless I know whether I like the controls.

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    Thanks for asking us for questions Flux and congrats on getting invited. These are my questions, in no particular order:

    1) Are there any plans to make Bosses more lucrative targets? If so, how exactly? At the moment, the additional 3-4 Rare items they drop compared to Rare monsters doesn\'t really make them good targets, even at the end of one's farming run, which was the original intention when Nephalem Valor was introduced.

    2) Will they make Unique monsters (the ones with purple names) more interesting? They don't give NV stacks (except the ones that are part of a quest), their drops aren't affected by it (except for the MF bonus) and there's simply nothing unique about them, other than their names and flavor text. They simply have no role in the game, except for serious achievement hunters.

    3) Can we expect to see more interesting random content in the expansion, compared to the simple, randomly generated dungeons and events? The Crumbling Vault and Ancient Device is a good example of what I'm thinking about.

    4) Can they show us anything concrete about the stats of the new Legendaries just so that we can see what can we look forward to? The example that Travis gave of a wizard wand or off-hand, that would allow us to summon two Hydras sounds amazing. Can we really expect bonuses on that level?

    5) Act 4 dungeons. They won't stay like this forever, right?

    6) Automatic cutscene skipping. When?

    7) Are they still planning to balance skills separately for PvE and PvP? Jay Wilson said a few years back, that the skills were set up for this.

    7a) If the answer is no, how will they handle the astronomical player damage in PvP?

    8) Are they planning to make defensive and utility focused skills more viable for PvE? At the moment, with the exception of Hardcore, many of these skills can be more or less safely ignored.

    8b) Also shields, they have the same problem.

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    My only question is - will you please allow me and then teach me to mod D3 so I can start fixing stuff now instead of a year from now?


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