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    Is the chance to Bleed bugged or not working?

    I found a skorn a short while ago with the % chance to cause bleed.

    I have yet to "see" it work. Is there a visual graphic for Bleed?

    I am playing a barb and have yet to earn the Bleed achievement even though I use the skorn with 98% chance to cause bleed and battled the ubers for minutes at a time solo.

    Is this a bug? Does it actually work? If it does, how do we know it.

    Any help or insight is appreciated.


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    Re: Is the chance to Bleed bugged or not working?

    Attack the Siege Breaker which comes with reflects damage once and see if you are taking red damage reflected back. Against elites, I'll see a whole bunch of little red numbers if I was moving around against an RD elite.

    Depends on your character's attack as well, as not all attacks will guarantee bleed damage is applied.

    Witch Doctor's acid rain will definitely apply it, for instance.


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