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    US West, Softcore, NonLadder Need Help with Lilith!

    So I finally got 3 keys to make a portal to one of the uber bosses and it was Matron's Den. I thought I could easily solo the whole thing and I was actually killing the mobs quiet easily. Then I met Lilith. She destroyed me and my merc in seconds. This is the last organ I need to open up Uber Tristram and would greatly appreciate some help. Again I thought I could solo it so I made a private game with a dumb name. I'll probably keep the game open for an hour or two. Hope to seeya there!
    Game name: TUYYYUYYUY
    Pass: TYYTTYTY

    Edit: Well it seems that my level 1 smite was better than my level 20 zeal. Killed her pretty easily with smite and got the last organ. I'm probably going to get better gear before I tackle Uber Trist haha.
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    Re: US West, Softcore, NonLadder Need Help with Lilith!

    Its good to read some uber tristram walkthrough guide before going to Lilith with ZEAL. (Try this one: )Most needed things to have are: Life Tap source (wand w/ charges, draculs, exile), attack speed, resists, damage.


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