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    Blizzon 2013 Contests Now Live

    Blizzard has posted news about several fan contests going on in advance of or at this year's Blizzcon. Artists and cosplayers at the ready!

    Online Contests

    BlizzCon 2013 Art Contest

    The Art Contest is coming back! We can’t wait to see your always impressive original Blizzard-based artwork. Carpe diem -- there’s no time like now to dream up your next masterpiece in the hope of having it displayed at BlizzCon (and winning some great prizes).

    BlizzCon 2013 Original Movie Contest

    We’re looking forward to screening another brilliant selection of original films based on Blizzard games. Whether it’s live action, animated, wholly digital, or a combination, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Live Contest

    BlizzCon 2013 Costume Contest

    The Costume Contest makes a triumphant return! Every BlizzCon, you keep upping the ante for amazing costumes, and we’re sure this show will be no exception. As you’re contemplating what you’d like to create, keep in mind that your safety is of paramount importance—that means that any costume you plan to wear should be something that you can easily see out of and safely maneuver in without assistance. In addition, no real weapons, dangerous materials, or large motorized costumes will be allowed.

    We’ll have full details on all of the upcoming BlizzCon contests soon—including complete guidelines, rules, and eligibility requirements—so hang tight before busting out your crafting materials. Official sign-ups will start in the coming months, too, so keep an eye on the BlizzCon website.

    Any questions? Email

    [source] s_the_Prepared-4_22_2013[/source]

    I'll be at Blizzcon this year and I hope to see you contest winners there too! (Okay, not really. I'll probably be in the press room the whole time playing/writing avbout D3X. But it's fun to pretend.)

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    I hope I win one of those.

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    Blizzcon is always an enjoyable experience, it\'s fun to laugh at the fugly nerds who paid $500 just for a ticket to go and embarrass themselves publicly.

    Good stuff! xD

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    I don\'t think you can win the demon hunter, that would make Blizzcon a whole new kind of venue

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    The female Wizard would be a great outfit for a dragqueen...

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    If you refer to the image, that\'s a rogue, the D1 hero. If you click her you\'ll go to the Diablo cosplay gallery and see more pics of her, and countless others.

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    Ahh yeah, on the outside looking in. Always the mostest coolest place to be.

    You get to shout such classics as \"Boo, down with doing what you enjoy.\" and \"Having fun is totes overrated anyway.\"

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    Hey there Gnome with Mailbox.

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    I don\'t think anyone currently attending Blizzcon even knows what D1 is...

    And that includes the devs, sadly...

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    Playing D3X... I doubt that. The only Diablo presence is going to be the D3 console version.


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