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    Merc lagging 2-3 lvls behind

    I just started a new game as a fishymancer. Currently I'm lvl 15, and my merc is lvl 12. I never had a problem of mercs lagging behind in a pure singleplayer game before. Is there something I can do to speed up her lvling? Will it help if I go a bit without all my other summons? (1 golem and 4 skellies atm). Do she need to do the kill to get the xp or will she get xp, just by tagging along or do dmg? 3 lvls aint that much, but I'm worries she will starts to lag behind more. Also Anyone got an ide why my enter buttons doesn't seem to work on these forums? I tested it and it works fine everywhere else.

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    Re: Merc lagging 2-3 lvls behind

    The merc will catch up if you dont have any +exp% items on you.

    As long as you get the kills, or your summons in this case, your merc will get xp. Not from party members!

    If you run a few areas with low exp monsters for your char, the merc might get more exp than you. One way to lvl the merc.

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    Re: Merc lagging 2-3 lvls behind

    I find the merc lags behind quite a bit at the very start of the game. Once you're around 20 you'll be at the same level from then onwards.


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