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    Well, they are improving the game as I see. Now you only need to look the nice little green arrows and your item check is over. Nephalem Glory, Evade moves, ... Oh yeah!

    I truly hope that they will keep this \"improvements\" only for the console version and that they finally start to improve/patch seriously the PC version.

    I was quite satisfied with the last couple of Dev Blogs, a little bit less with the annuncement of the new Game Director. Now I am starting to have a bad feeling about the whole situation (not as bad as during the beta, but it is not that far).

    I admit that the Evade moves \"could\" have a sense in the PC version, but in Diablo already have evade skills which exist for that purpose.

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    Gosh... way to complain.

    They can make a mint in console sales.. and if they do make a lot of bucks there then they will put a tonne of cash back into D3 including the expansion.

    This is great.

    The end.

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    I could not comprehend fans complaining about D3 being too bright and colorful. D2 desert anyone?

    But this? The actionbar/Furymeter/Healthmeter look like they are designed to please a 10yo. The loading screen and the ingame UI do not fit together in the slightest. Oh dear...

    Maybe it\'s just me. But I fear it is Bli$$tard.

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    \"The actionbar/Furymeter/Healthmeter look like they are designed to please a 10yo\"?? The Furymeter\'s the same as we have & the action bar\'s just not got a background behind it, quite how that is \"designed\" for a 10 year old I don\'t know. Health bar\'s also aren\'t particularly unreasonable either, especially if you want to fit 4 of them on-screen & not take up loads of space.

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    **** that loser

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    Grim Dawn...

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    Ok, now I understand WHY the game updates are SO SO SO SLOW on PC, they don\'t care at the time...

    Everyday more hate, less hope.

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    Sorry, I don\'t quite understand what\'s wrong with that statement. The barbarian is so superior in terms of ressource regen and defense, that going 2H seems almost natural.

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    He\'s delusional to think that a two handed build currently works. Two handed builds should be important, but they aren\'t currently functional in comparison.

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    Yeah, but have they fixed skill balance at all? Is there any purpose or workable mechanic to Impale yet? Do WDs have more feasible choices to zombie charger than bears? Etc...

    Or are we just gonna see more spin to win barbs and permafreeze wizards? Adding Gruesome Feast to every class isn\'t an improvement if the skills haven\'t changed.


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