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    The moment people rage because they can not play for 100% of the time, it is time to pull the plug on those people.

    Get a grip. There is more to life than playing a video game 100% of your time.

    And if you can\'t cope with that, please the jump the bridge as your life clearly sucks.

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    I stopped currently playing in D3 and don\'t give a s*** about some servers problems. I will wait to another patch, maybe expansion will improve game-play because now it\'s f****** boring, paragon leveling is lame. I think that D3 has still big potential, I\'m waiting for the better times. Unfortunately there is no good alternatives, I don\'t like POE, Van Helsing is good, chek it.

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    The single biggest thing about maintenance is that during that period you can\'t play D3 AND you can\'t play WoW AND you can\'t play SC2.
    I think Blizzard should provide 99% uptime at least for their since everything is tied to that (I mean even buying stuff in their store is tied to; name one online shop that hasn\'t 99% uptime, I think they all know downtime means lost customers and so they can\'t afford that).

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    I am fed up with people promoting terrible games on Blizzard fan forums.

    Certainly when you watch objectively the extreme low quality of these products.

    The last 3 games I bought crashed within 10 minutes of play, 2 on PC one on the iPad.

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    They already provide 99%. This one time 6 hour surplus was only for the US and happens every 3 months or so.

    Even if it were 95 %... Not even drug addicts are stoned 95% of their lives.

    Going nuts over these things shows some people can not even control themselves for a time passing like a video game.

    Human species...

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    To be fair, single D2 servers are being crashed on a daily schedule. Ever had a World Event?

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    I think so too. People go ape**** over this because they are still angry about D3s online only requirement. They were like: \"WTF online only for security? F U Blixxurd and ur lies, dem survers better be online 24/7!!!1\".

    Now there is a minor downtime and here they go again.

    While i think they have a point, occasional server maintenance really is D3s smallest problem, if you ask me.

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    Ah, the memories of Open and first-gen broadband.

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    Just note that IT people don\'t take in account the time of \"programmed maintenance\" when calculating services\'availability.

    That being said, 6 hours of programmed maintenance every week is a very bad performance. It is even more bad, as this maintenance occurs during day time.

    The second post got the point, Blizzard is far from being up to date in terms of on-line software design.

    And unfortunately, locking thread does no do any good to it.
    But is it something new, can Blizzard listen to what people say ?

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    Well considering a game like GW2 has less than an hour downtime each week (usually around 20-30 minutes, but could reach 60), then yes I think the team is incompetent. Also that mysterious former Blizzard GM said was a complete mess.. sort of affirms the suspicion.

    Starcraft 2 was heavily delayed because of, and took forever since to get updates in the related things (separate teams, one team works on BNET another works on SC). The Starcraft team is the bread winner at Blizzard HQ IMHO, I think the Diablo 3 and teams could learn a thing or two.


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