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    Your tears of unfathomable sadness are delicious!

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    Once a year patches.

    No pvp.

    Crappy items/ skills/ level systems.

    All this from a multi-billion dollar company... now how could anyone possibly rage about that??

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    Server downtime is a small price to pay for complete elimination of bots and cheats, routine content patches, fascinating ladder play, and compelling player to player social interaction. Oh wait, Diablo 3 has none of the above, WTF?!?!?!

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    RIP Mitch Hedberg. Well placed quote!

    On Topic: I think the downtime is acceptable for the most part (given that this is an online-only game). I do think the weekly maintenance window is curiously long, especially since I\'ve yet to figure out what they are really doing during those windows when patches aren\'t being deployed. But I think what comes out of the forums is essentially that the disgruntled voices are often the loudest. Such is the case with...well, pretty much anything.

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    Well, if complainers were really knowledgeable about all the \"X should be better\" they could take up a job in the industry and fix everything. Surely if Joe User has a better way to do everything flawlessly, industry consulting jobs would flood in and they\'d be set for life. I mean, if it\'s as easy as conjuring up a perfect system (which complaining would suggest) someone would have done it. No one complains just for the sake of complaining, right? Right?!

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    Yep, I can\'t recall more than a handful of times in the decade I played that I couldn\'t get into Bnet for D2 because of maintenance.

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    Currently going to school for programming, and they teach us that businesses tend to expect a 99% uptime. In fact, there\'s like a standard of 99.999% or something, I forget the exact amount.

    I also agree with a point made earlier about downtime happening during waking hours. With billions of dollars, I think you can pay the server maintenance people a little more to work a night shift instead.

    I also think, throwing enough money at it, you could completely duplicate the system and run off one set of servers while the others are in maintenance, etc.

    Of course, we all remember Diablo 3 on launch day.

    I think as a consumer it\'s reasonable to expect that an always-online game be always available to get online.

    The least Blizzard could do is give better explanations of what exactly needs to be so maintained. There are enough of us tech geeks out here that would understand that we could explain it to the rest. But plenty of us tech geeks are scratching our heads over what takes so long and needs to be done so often.

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    your solution doubles their hardware and maintenance cost to increase uptime from 96% to 99.5%. there is a point where something is good enough. who exactly is inconvenienced by the scheduled maintenance? how many people have this time off and use it as prime gaming hours?

    would you pay more money for d3 for 99% uptime?

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    6 hours per week / 168 hours in a week = 4% downtime.

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    It\'s not only the asinine periodic and sudden downtimes. Every time I and everyone logs onto the game we are reminded how mediocre their entire system is because of the god damn stuttering when the game is first loading assets. To top it off these incompetent dolts have the gall to suggest on their website to get an SSD or some other stupid workarounds like putting some files on a flash drive. Are you *******s going to pay me for that expense?


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