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    Diablo 3 Console Save Files and Offline Play Issues

    The Blues answered some specific questions about how saved character files will work for the PS3 and Xbox360 version of the Diablo 3 console version. It's kind of complicated, since the characters can be played offline or online, and you can bring your characters on a memory stick to play on a friend's machine, but you can also save your characters online, and you'll need to be sure you keep the different versions of your character straight so you don't overwrite and lose recent progress, etc. (On the bright(?) side, you can dupe your *** off via easy character restores.)

    On the guest profile that plays along will it use the main profiles characters or will the guest have to make their own?

    Curious as to how this will work. And apologies if it's been asked before.

    Vaeflare: How guests can play with you on same screen co-op varies between the console systems.

    On the PlayStation 3, additional players will have access to any saves that any User on the system has; however, only the primary User can unlock trophies during single-system co-op.

    On the Xbox 360, if additional players logs in on other profiles, they are able to load their own heroes from their own save files. They can also bring their profile and Diablo III save on a memory unit or memory stick and load it at their friend’s house, or alternatively, they can bring their save file and recover their profile from Xbox LIVE (both Silver and Gold tier accounts can do this). If the player is an Xbox LIVE Gold Tier member and they choose to use Cloud Saving from Microsoft, they can also recover both their profile and their save at their friend’s house. It's important to note that only Gold Tier members can play online with other players over Xbox LIVE, however, Silver and Gold Tier members can play locally and recover profiles.

    If additional Xbox 360 players log in on a guest profiles, they cannot load their own heroes from save files. If they log in on a guest profile, they will need to create a new hero and when they quit out of the game, their hero will not be saved.

    On the Xbox 360 version, each profile that is playing together can unlock achievements.[source][/source]

    Vaeflare: As an additional point of clarification, PS3 players that visit a friend's house for some local co-op action will be able to access their own characters from either a save on a USB stick, or by accessing their characters from cloud saves (if they have PlayStation Plus).

    How this works is that at their friend’s house, the visiting player would need to create a new local User on the console, then sign into their Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account with PS+ and pull down their save from cloud storage. They could alternatively bring over their save on a USB stick, but they will still need to create a new local User on the console in order to partake in local co-op with their character(s) from home.[source][/source]

    Can any of you guys with experience using these consoles shed light on any apparently problems with this plan? If so, hit it up in the comments. I have nothing to add now, but I am going to get some hands-on play with the Diablo 3 console in a couple of weeks, and I'll be sure to let you guys know how it compares to the PC version.

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    Hardcore mode will be a joke -\"oh I died! good thing I saved my char to my USB an hour ago\"

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    Having access to the save files will also mean that exp and item trainers can be used to buff the saved files, right?

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    Tiago Sá
    Isn\'t that what happened with Diablo 2?

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    This is a joke.. Why not split it up like Diablo II: SP and MP completely seperated. SP can be duped, copied and so on, but MP; no way..

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    What like on the realms? Cos there is definitely no duping happening there .....

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    Single and Multi-player should always be completely separate in everything.

    This is the biggest issue that destroyed almost all re-playability of Borderlands and Borderlands 2 for me.

    Don\'t get me wrong, i still really love the games, but i just can\'t be arsed to play \'em when I\'m pretty much FORCED to either play solo, or play with cheaters.

    (Yes, you could exclusively play with friends you trust, but i don\'t have that many that play the same games as i do, and play at the same time as i do)

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    I am by no means savvy when it comes to PS3 and XBox360, but here are the main issues I see:

    It seems fairly easy to dupe items by dropping your best items to a friend then reloading your character save file from an earlier time. But, maybe the PS3 and XBox360 have something to stop that.

    Also, if USB drives are the main way of locally transporting your character, then couldn\'t \"uber\" characters be downloaded from the internet? As well as \"mules\" full of the best items? Perhaps that will be the way 3rd party sites sell items, by uploading a character with the desired item onto your USB drive.

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    I plan on playing Single player anyways, self found, most likely hardcore.

    No lag deaths, no AH, no botters or hacks, just me and my own personal economy safe from all BNET crap.

    I am not going to wreck my gaming experience by duping, it only hurts you the player.

    Console for the win.

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    What makes you think there won\'t be lag deaths?


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