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    Diablo 3 Hardcore Warning: Tristram Is Deadly Again

    An urgent Diablo 3 Hardcore Warning. You can die in Tristram the instant you join the game.

    Prior to Patch 1.03 fixing the problem by putting a portal barrier over the bridge to the Weeping Hollow, players were able to lead monsters across the bridge into Tristram. This was very funny when it was an accident, as players newly into Inferno practiced the "run around screaming" tactic so common in those early "gear check" days. Sometimes players ran for the safety of town, except it wasn't safety, and jokes about, "the chased me all the way back to Diablo 2" were funny... except that in D2 town was a safe zone.

    It was also pretty funny when players "built a zoo" in Tristram, leading numerous monsters right into the center of town, where they destroyed anyone who joined the game before their loading screen ended.

    It was a lot less funny when people did this in Hardcore; at least to the victims. The problem was fixed in v1.03 though, at least on that end of town. There are two sides to Tristram though, and though the monsters out the southern gate aren't as fierce, if some patient ******* spends the time to herd a bunch of them into the center of town, on a high MP level, it's still pretty much instant death for a new player joining the game. Which is easy to do if you accept an invite to join the game from someone who sees you in chat.

    Grimiku: We all know that playing public games in Hardcore can be risky (any time you involve other people, that becomes the case), and I hope everyone is being extra careful when they do.

    [caption id="attachment_348331" align="alignright" width="300"]Not the first thing you want to see in a new HC game. Not the first thing you want to see in a new HC game.[/caption]@CodSack As a fellow Hardcore player who’s lost a few high-level characters, I’m really sorry this happened to you. We all know that it’s likely that we’ll eventually die in Hardcore (sometimes due to circumstances we can’t even control), and that it’s permanent when it happens, but it doesn’t change the fact that losing a hero can be pretty hard. I can only imagine how frustrating this was for you, but I hope it doesn’t dampen your spirits too much or turn you away from the Hardcore community. Generally, it’s full of awesome people who genuinely love the play style, and only want to help out their fellow Nephalem. I hope this has primarily been your experience too.

    I know you’re concerned with ensuring this kind of situation doesn’t happen again (to you or to other players), so I want to let you know that we’re passing along the feedback from this thread to the appropriate people who can evaluate it and decide what to do. Along those lines, it’s also helpful to report this kind of behavior whenever you see it using the right click > Report option, so that our Customer Support staff can investigate the situation itself and anyone involved. Unless we receive a report, we can’t really look into the issue and/or see if there’s any way that we can assist.[source][/source]

    Allegedly the main guy doing this over the weekend on the EU server was permabanned, but you can be sure others will duplicate the trick, so you may want to avoid accepting invites to join games from people you don't trust, and be cautious joining any game in Act One, until Bliz patches in a fix to this exploit.

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    Well I hope the 3 in the screen shot get permabanned.


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    I never understood the drive behind boobytrapping to PK. It is such a coward way to kill someone. At least in d2 when I would PK I would go hostile and hunt you down and give the person a chance but this is just some halfwits getting their rocks off by ruining someones day. Just to add according to reddit one of the players was banned for exploiting and not for PKing.

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    wow thats insane.. i would kill the guy if it happend to me.. never liked hc ever.. always glitchy and full of idiots :(

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    Some people really have nothing better to do....bleh.

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    lemon wedge
    I think its funny, love the rage...doesnt make me a bad person i just get a kick when people lose it, people like mortuus saying \"id kill the person etc etc\" gold.

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    That is 2% of hardcore players. The rest are very helpful and goodfellas.
    I put myself in risk many times to help someone. I died because of it. :(

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    What is sad and pathetic is that people seem to think this is the player\'s fault. When in reality, blizzard needs to fix their game (put instances/checkpoints between Act 1 town and the entrance...) so players cannot die to stupid stuff.

    These players should just be temp banned, and the other players restored.

    Sadly, Blizzard is so incompetent that they leave these problems in game forever.

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    Nah it doesn\'t make you a bad person it just means you have a small penis and no life and are mad at the world because of it. It is pretty common knowledge when people get off on watching others suffer it is because they are sad and misery loves company. So they choose to make others miserable to make themselves feel better. Sad, sad little man.

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    It\'s because people are so determined to PK they\'ll do it even if the game technically doesn\'t allow it.

    Though if the game did let you attack players directly I\'m not sure it\'d really be an improvement. Anyone with the gear to not die to the mobs they\'re trapping you with won\'t die to you either, so it\'s still gonna be a hopelessly one sided fight.


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