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    ISO: all of East's Perfect amethysts and Perfect skulls

    Just started playing again ! I think my trading score reset back to 0, grrr. Was well over 100 last time I played ! lol.. If you click on my feedback score, you will see all the comments from old trades, I am not realy a "0" !

    I did some quick research through the threads and did not see any prices on these... So I will make up some prices and go from there! Let me know if I need to be giving better deals!

    Amethysts = 1 point!
    Skulls - .5 points

    For trade, Runes:
    Pul - 5 points
    Um - 4 points
    Mal - 5 points
    Ist - 10 points
    High rune - 30 points. Let me know what you want.

    All trades will be mule trades. I will get to them when I have time... Being a grown up sucks!
    If my inbox is full, feel free to e-mail me.

    Yes any combonation will work. And yes, I can get any HR. Just tell me what you would like! Thank you!

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    Re: ISO: all of East's Perfect amethysts and Perfect skulls

    I have a bunch of pgems, probably ~15 P amethysts

    Looking for runes mal+

    If you're interested let's make a deal


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