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    I can\'t be arsed. Blizzard should offer free protection as part of their service. It\'s the least they should do. Obviously, if you fool people into thinking that they need (extra) protection you are being very negligent in your duties. After all we\'ve already bought the game. Does any of you buy \'an authenticator\' when you open a bank account, etc.?

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    I need an authenticator because I was put into the same online boat as all the hackers and cheats via the online only requirement.

    Even with my precious authenticator my gaming experience is marred by various hacks and cheats whether its gold botting, RMAH gold duping or anything else people with no life can think up.

    Online only does not equal security.....period.

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    Yeah no way to steal your info, but you still have your encrypted hashes in multiple places, increasing the chance of them being stolen.

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    The passwords were only easy to crack because they were poorly encrypted. I\'d like to see the results against a list of passwords encrypted with a better algorithm, salted, etc.

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    I wasn\'t using an authenticator when I first started playing DIII(month or so after release), but a couple days after I started I couldn\'t log in and had to reset my pw(way too simple). Finally got back in and was missing all my gold(about 8K). Only had a lvl8 Barb so it\'s not like I had anything worth taking anyway.... I barely have time to play on my account, much less trying to break into other people\'s and I hate that I have to basically use two pws for a PC game just to make sure no one steals all my virtual stuff.

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    Yet another reason online only DRM for folks who only want to play a single player game sucks.


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