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    Diablo III Auction House User Errors

    A blue posted in a thread about making costly item mistakes in Diablo 3, and spurred something I wanted to mention.

    Whats your most painful mistake this week in D3?

    Mine's salvaging my best shoulders accidentally whilst trying out new ones to see what benefits I would get.

    Grimiku: I bought a Doomhammer that upgraded a lot of stats, and then realized I couldn't use it because I didn't put Life Steal in the search filters. It wasn't too expensive, but it was enough that I had to settle for lesser Zuni boots later on. [source][/source]

    I think most of us have done something along those lines while playing the item game? I recall one time months ago, when I was searching for quiver upgrades for my Demon Hunter (in softcore, obviously). I did a bunch of searches, looking for the best value in IAS, CC, Dex, Vit, +Max Discipline, etc, and finally found one that looked like a really good deal. Like a steal, really. I snapped it up for something like 3m, greedily sent it to my stash, created a game, rushed to equip my new toy... and found that the DPS number was a red -8000.

    Since I'd been shopping for (and had certainly paid for) an upgrade on my current quiver, I was a little shocked, and tried out a few new words when I realized that during all of my searching and changing of parameters I'd somehow dropped Critical hit Chance as a property, and had thus bought a fantastic quiver at a great price... since it lacked the single most important/valuable quiver stat. (Best I recall, I immediately put it back up for sale and got something like 3/4 of my purchase price back; probably from someone else who had screwed up the same search as me.)

    [caption id="attachment_347541" align="alignright" width="300"]Early AH sample screenshot... with commas in list prices. Early AH sample screenshot... with commas in list prices.[/caption]Another mistake I have not made, though fear I will one day, is missing a digit when listing items. We talked about this on a recent podcast and Xanth admitted to doing it once; pricing something a full digit lower than he meant to, thanks to the inexplicable fact that the AH *STILL* doesn't show commas or periods between every three digits. (This was a big deal in news and blue comments last November, and yet the seemingly-simple problem remains untreated.)

    As I recall Xanth's story, he meant to post a legendary for 18,000,000, or the eye-glazing 18000000 in terms. But he missed a zero, put it up for 1,800,000 and of course someone bought it .01 seconds after the auction went live and that was that.

    I have not (yet) fallen prey to that error, but every time I post an auction for more than seven figures you can bet I count the damn zeros. I'm often tempted to post auctions that look like bad binary code, just so I can count the digits accurately. List items for 80100100, rather than 80000000 and hope I didn't blow it by a factor of 10.

    Use the comments to share your painful mistakes with the group, and join in the catharsis of confession.

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    My most costly error was dishing out 60€ so I could play the game on launch day!

    Nice! I have to enter Thinking Cap for my Captcha

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    Back when I played, yes, I never listed anything that used same digit more than 3 times in a row. For example, if I wanted to list something for 18000000 I\'d list it at 17999000, 17999123, or 18000123 -- anything where I\'d easily notice a missing digit. And then before clicking submit, I\'d double check what I entered to make sure I posted at 18 mil.

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    LOL.... ya, I pre-ordered and paid for 2 copies... I\'m worse off then you are.


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