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    Idea Item Suggestion to help AH problem

    Problem: Items in AH are just so temptingly easy to acquire and thus is the main source of item obtaining, as oppose to finding them as expected.
    Solution: Item Challenges
    Note: This applies to ALL items (equip-able)
    Essentially, its an additional affix that offers a challenge that can only be completed if the item is equipped, i.e. "Kill 200 zombies in Inferno on Monster Power 7", that will grant a bonus related to the theme of the challenge. In this zombie instance, it would give an affix like "+20% Damage to Undead".
    The challenges can range in difficulty and reward of course, making or breaking items in terms or completion.
    Now how does this affect the AH issue? Well, upon completion of the challenge, a "toast" (like achievements or a sale on the AH) will appear notifying you "You completed the challenge on (item name)". Then, an option to apply the upgrade reward will be present on the item icon, improving the item and causing it to become account bound. This inherently makes generally better items unavailable on the AH, and unique and cool affixes that are only accessible by playing the game.
    Yellow Item
    +300 Armor
    +150 Intelligence
    +100 Vitality
    +8% Attack Speed
    +6% Critical Chance
    Kill 10 Elite Packs with the Waller Affix on Monster Power 5
    --> Grants +10% Damage to Elite Enemies

    Blue Item
    +275 Armor
    +150 Dexterity
    +28% Critical Damage
    Kill 18 Treasure Goblins on Monster Power 3
    --> Grants +34% Magic Find and +26% Gold Find

    White Item
    +315 Armor
    Slay the Butcher on Monster Power 9
    --> Grants +45% to Fire Damage

    As can be seen, the rewards are obviously higher with the difficulty of the challenge. Moreover, an item could be added to the game that would be some sort of crafting material used like a dye (in terms of UI) that would re-roll the challenge presented (wiping any progress on the current challenge). Also, if the item already has an upgrade on it from the challenge, then the item's challenge can't be changed, giving a minor sense of permanence and dedication to one's character.

    In conclusion, this small addition to the game could have major positive effects on the game that would change the way people play and search for items, not to mention the economic benefits of offering alternatives to the AH, without taking simple routes like nerfing items sold and such.
    Please post ideas you have for challenges and their rewards!

    Link to original on D3 forums:

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    Re: Item Suggestion to help AH problem

    I believe this was discussed by developers as one of their ideas for the next itemization patch.

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    Re: Item Suggestion to help AH problem

    Could you possibly link me that? Thanks


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