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    Need some items for my teslafroster


    I have some items I want to get rid off and trade for others I would like for my lvl 83 teslafroster.
    Because I'm a noob at trading feel free to rip me off

    I will put here a list of items I have and a list of items I need. Feel free to make an offer or to tell me that my items are junk.

    So here it goes:
    I have the following items:

    Balckbog's Sharp
    One-Hand Damage 30 to 76
    30% IAS
    Adds 15-45 Damage
    488 Poison damage over 10 seconds
    4 to Poison Nova
    4 to Poison Explosion
    5 to Poison Dagger
    Slows target by 50%
    +50 Defense

    Chance Guards - Chain Gloves
    Defense: 27
    25 to Attack Rating
    27% Enhanced Defense
    +15 Defense
    200% Extra Gold From Monsters
    38% Better Chance of getting magic items
    2 to Light Radius

    Sounding Grand Charm
    1 to Warcries (Barb only)

    Expert's Grand Charm of greed
    1 to Combat Skills (Barb only)
    27% extra gold from monsters

    Call To Arms - in a Flail
    +2 to Battle Command
    +1 to Battle Orders
    +4 to Battle Cry

    Goldwrap - Heavy belt
    73% Extra Gold
    30% MF

    Gull - Dagger
    100% MF

    Harlequin Crest - 1 Sock with PTopaz
    74% MF

    Heart of the Oak
    All Res 31
    40% FCR
    15% Increase Maximum Mana

    20% FCR
    Regenerate Mana 25%

    24% MF
    75 AR

    Spirit Shield - Rondache
    25% FCR
    55% FHR
    Cold Res 35%
    Light Res 35%
    Pois Res 35%
    8 Magic absorb

    Spirit Shroud
    Defense: 295
    +1 to all skills 150% enhanced defense
    relenish life +10
    magic damage reduce by 9
    cannot be frozen

    I have also runes:
    1x Ist
    5 x Hel
    1 x Ko
    5 x Io
    1 x Fal
    1 x Lem
    3-4 x Lum

    and several shaels, dols and sols.

    So this is what I have ... now what I need.

    - Dracul's Grasp
    - 3 Ums for Durres, Crescent Moon and CB for an empty sock in a shaftstop for my fishymancers merc.
    - guillaume's face for my fishymancers merc

    That is it for now.

    Feel free to bash or better offer something

    Regards, Ivica


    I'm Europe Realm ... Non Ladder

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    Re: Need some items for my teslafroster

    Hi Ivica

    I've drac's and Gface you can have for sure, maybe some ums or a CM weapon, what weapon type do you need?
    Just write acc here or send me a pm with mule details, then I'll transfer it to you.
    Do you need anything else, torch etc?


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    Re: Need some items for my teslafroster


    I've sent you details in an PM. Dunno if you got it

    Regards, Ivica

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    Re: Need some items for my teslafroster

    Closed, got everything I need.

    Thanks /M_M

    Btw. /M_M clear your inbox so that I can PM you

    Regards, Ivica


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