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    Uber Fury druid where to put last points?

    Hey everyone (:

    I'm making a fury druid to kill the ubers with! So far I've got 20 points in Fury, Werewolfand Lycanthropy. Also I've got 1 point in Oak Sage.

    I'm wondering whether any of the other summons are worth investing in, perhaps not for ubers but just for other things like bossing. Would one point in heart of wolverine (or maxed heart of wolverine) be any use? Would a grizzly be good, or any of the vines? Or would maxing Oak Sage be best?

    Anywhere else I should place my points? Cyclone armor and synergies?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Uber Fury druid where to put last points?

    I prefer Heart of the Wolverine to Oak Sage. For a fury druid, most of the non-shapeshifting skills aren't particularly relevant anyway. You can only cast Cyclone Armor while in human form and it's not that great anyway. The summons tend to die a lot, so it's usually not worth it to rely on them. The grizzly is a very good distraction and I like it. However, I've dumped points into it (and the wolf summons) and I've gone with a single point investment, and my experience was that the one-point grizzly is fine. It doesn't die that often, is easy to recast when it does, and acts as a distraction for you.

    Max Feral Rage. While it doesn't massively increase the power of a fury druid, it is something that gives a direct, reliable benefit to your attack. It gains its maximum charge almost instantly and from there you can run really fast with boosted lifesteal. Also, if you do get caught surrounded by a boss and its pack, you can use Feral Rage instead of Fury to focus a single monster instead of spreading your damage across multiple enemies. Against ubers, your summoned minions would die pretty quickly anyway, so Feral Rage becomes even better by comparison in that context.


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