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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Well to be honest WWS has never impressed me. If you want a budget bow, get buriza or harmony.

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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Well, after some testing I must confess that amp on WWS does kind of work to my advantage. It's not making any miracles, but it is working and I was finally able to move past pindleskin.

    @Dacar92: Not that I still have quite some episodes to check out, but this guy looks very ... well Doctor-ish. Much more than the current one IMHO.

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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    I would rather put my first Jah rune into a Faith Bow rather than into Ice. I played several PVM bowazons and IMO this one was the most fun:

    Giant Skull, I forgot what I socketed it with (there should be a thread about it here in early 2012)
    Faith GMB
    Fortitude (if you can't afford it, then perhaps Skullder's, so you have at least good MF )
    Aldur's boots
    Atma's Scarab (for Amp, 5% ctc are enough)
    Dual leech ring

    Charms for maxing resists, else fhr and life, plus Gheed's

    For the slightly lower budget, replace Faith with WF (shaeled). You also don't need knockback from the Giant Skull anymore then or mana leech from the second ring. I suggest Andariel's Visage and perhaps a LL ring with something else than mana leech


    Enough in str and dex for gear, then divide up the rest between dex and vit, as you feel comfortable. I think that 800 life is enough and perhaps you can achieve that with nothing but life SCs. Max res is more importent, however.


    Max strafe
    Max valk
    67% in pierce (so you have 100% with Razortail)
    When not using Faith, max penetrate else just the one point for being a prereq
    Enough enough critical strike, dodge, avoid and evade until more investments would lead to just 2% more
    1 in frost arrow
    Enough in multishot to have perhaps 8 arrows (not for a cold hybrid)
    Enough in magic arrow to fire endlessly with no mana depletion
    A few points in GA (just one for a cold hybrid)

    When using Faith, you will have plenty of spare points, so you could make a LF hybrid which will be good enough in hell mode with Titan's plus Spirit/Stormshield/Moser's (don't forget monarch str reqs!) and without replacing bowazon gear. With Faith, you even have enough points for a strafe/cold hybrid.

    You can kill almost everything with her, except for unbreakable PIs of a particularly tough kind who are also lightning or cold immune (i.e. 99.9% of all monsters), depending on what you do with your spare skill points. I don't think that mine ever died from anything, except lag on bnet and I have bad reflexes and press the wrong buttons in surprise situations, out of confusion. I'm just good when I have enough time to think and prepare .
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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Hey, thanks for your suggestions. However I would really like to keep my perfect nightwing in use and that dictates Ice build. On the other hand, maybe I'll start blizzard sorc in some time and respec my amazon into strafer.
    And as far as the Faith/Ice dillema goes ... I could simply go and make an Enigma out of my first Jah for my poisonmancer. Curing illness by killing the patient

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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Since you've guys helped me quite a lot with my Amazon, I think it's only fair to do a short write up.
    Today she made Matriarch. Things were quite frustrating in the end, especially fight Baal that went on for ages.

    Name: Lagu
    Class: Amazon

    Experience: 1113204724
    Level: 85

    Strength: 114/155
    Dexterity: 213/270
    Vitality: 173/193
    Energy: 15/25
    HP: 737/842
    Mana: 141/181
    Stamina: 321/321
    Defense: 53/937
    AR: 1035/1620

    Fire: 135/95/35
    Cold: 153/113/53
    Lightning: 165/125/65
    Poison: 88/48/-12

    MF: 0 Block: 37
    GF: 8
    FR/W: 40
    FHR: 15
    IAS: 50
    FCR: 0

    That said, I must confess playing her was a breeze until I encountered cold immune monsters. WWS was helping a bit against packs, while against bosses I was cursing both WWS and Harmony

    Selected pieces of equipment:

    Nightwing's Veil
    Spired Helm
    Defense: 339
    Durability: 39 of 40
    Required Level: 67
    Required Strength: 96
    Fingerprint: 0xf5cfd976
    Item Level: 88
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    100% Chance to cast level 37 Blizzard when you Die
    +2 to All Skills
    Adds 24 - 38 Cold Damage Over 0 Secs (3 Frames)
    -5% to Enemy Cold Resistance
    +20% to Cold Skill Damage
    +112% Enhanced Defense
    +13 to Dexterity
    +6 Cold Absorb
    Half Freeze Duration
    Requirements -50% 1 Sockets (1 used)
    Socketed: Rainbow Facet

    Rainbow Facet
    Required Level: 49
    Fingerprint: 0xdb093222
    Item Level: 87
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    100% Chance to cast level 37 Blizzard when you Die
    Adds 24 - 38 Cold Damage Over 0 Secs (3 Frames)
    -5% to Enemy Cold Resistance
    +5% to Cold Skill Damage


    Matriarchal Bow
    Two Hand Damage: 82 - 181
    Durability: 37 of 48
    Required Level: 39
    Required Strength: 87
    Required Dexterity: 187
    Fingerprint: 0x9569e8d7
    Item Level: 85
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    Level 10 Vigor Aura When Equipped
    +3 to Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only)
    266% Enhanced Damage
    +9 to Minimum Damage
    +9 to Maximum Damage
    Adds 55 - 160 Fire Damage
    Adds 55 - 160 Lightning Damage
    Adds 55 - 160 Cold Damage Over 6 Secs (138 Frames)
    +3 to Valkyrie
    +10 to Dexterity
    Regenerate Mana 20%
    +2 to Mana after each Kill
    +2 to Light Radius
    Level 20 Revive (25/25 Charges) 4 Sockets (4 used)
    Socketed: Tir Rune
    Socketed: Ith Rune
    Socketed: Sol Rune
    Socketed: Ko Rune

    Stone Claw
    Chain Gloves
    Defense: 9
    Durability: 16 of 16
    Required Level: 57
    Required Strength: 25
    Fingerprint: 0x2081af75
    Item Level: 92
    Version: Expansion 1.10+
    5% Chance to cast level 4 Frost Nova when struck
    +20% Increased Attack Speed
    Cold Resist +21%

    Poison Resist +7%
    Half Freeze Duration
    Attacker Takes Damage of 5

    Other gear as mentioned before: crafted boots with cold and lightning resist, Raven Frost, Manald Heal, Lionheart and Highlord's Wraith. Some resistances and cold damage charms.

    Notable finds: Um from NM Hellforge (most useful thing she found) and utterly crappy Crown of the Ages at River of Flame.

    Deaths: Exactly one on the way to Hell Countess. Some NDE @ Frozen River.

    Further use: Maybe Pindle running, I don't know yet.

    Anyhow, thank you for advices on this nice build

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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Very nice. Congrats. Now make a lightning Javazon. That's another fun build.
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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Right now I'm building a Poisonmancer for pit running. After that ... I'd say it's possible.

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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    Hi guys, I want to bulid a lightning javazon right now and want to find the perfect items for it. In my head there are to possible ways to go, if you could help with them, that would be very kind!!!

    First of all, i can't decide, with effects are the most useful thing for a javazon. All res (75% in hell) I think is quite important, and now my build is focusing on IAS (95%) damage reduceing (51 %, 50 is the max as far as i know.) max block rate, 23% Life leech, and 100% piercing with razor belt.

    I think it's quite a powerfull char, but because i'm useing andariel's visage, magic weapon instead of uniques, and stormshield i can't focus on -Enemy lightning resistance!

    If i use griffon with rainbow facet (25%), thuder javelin also with rainbow (20%), and shield with at least 2 sox (moser or 4 sox monarch) I can go above -50% ELR, but i don't know if it's worth it. My IAS will lose the 89% break, and the 52% break as well, so the speed will reduce significantly. Piercing will remains, and dmg reducing will be only 8% i guess.

    What's your experiences? Which way is the better for a PvM character ? For runs, and for uber monsters as well!

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

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    Re: Amazon build - need help

    You can't socket javelins.


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