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    How good you can be with non-AH?

    I am trying to find some other self founders. I can do mp4 with my barb but basically stuck there. Just wonder if anybody have a really high end self found char.

    my current best hero is

    Add me if you want to play together without AH

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    Re: How good you can be with non-AH?

    I play self-found only, but on EU. Also, I play mostly HC, but switched back to some SC after losing my 8th hero or so...although my level 56 Barb had more life in late NM than your barb has in Inferno and still died to MP10 Rakanoth

    Well, that's why I've never even been close to Inferno, and so I'm trying to build up some gaming experience in SC before making the switch back to HC.


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