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    Need help with a merc for bowazon

    So il make things easier for you to understand- i have all the needed equiptment for a perfect bowazon (from Faith GMB to fortitude, kb 20 ias gloves and so on). My valkyrie can tank every mob army hell game can throw at her (love her at cow games)
    Heres my stats without any merc:

    Now i know theres a option of giving Faith to act 1 merc and taking windforce for myself but i feel quite uncomfortable with this part so i think im going for act 2 merc but the question is that which one should i take and what would be the perfect gear on him?

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    Re: Need help with a merc for bowazon

    Act 2 might merc with eth pride, ebug fort, Andariel's visage.


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