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    Damage- magic damage

    I play Diablo 2 paladin and I am hell 72.
    For some months now I cannot understand which one does worst damage. Physical or elemental. I don't mean to a specific monster. I refer to routine battles.
    If u have 2 weapons:
    1) Damage 20
    2) Damage 10 - fire damage 10 (=20 in total?) - exception for immune to fire.
    Which one kills faster? I have 2 such weapons and i have difficulty understanding the difference even during battle.

    If u strike with damage 10 and fire damage 10 is the result the same?

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    Re: Damage- magic damage

    The same amount of dmg.
    you wont the same dmg however, if the monster has physical or fire resistance.

    Its all situational. There are more elemental resistant monsters in Hell, as an example!


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