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    Critque my Zealer Build plz

    Hey, first time on the forums and thought I'd post about what brought me here - looking for ways to critique my zealer build.

    As it sits, survivability is not a concern, I can comfortably do solo Hell Baal runs without ever using health pots. And while I kill fairly quickly, I feel like I could be bashing through mobs quicker, but not sure how. Looking for some more experienced peeps out there to give me some advice.

    Lvl: 96

    Alright for skills I'm currently running:

    1ea-Might, Blessed Aim, Consentration
    1ea-Smite, HB, Charge, BH
    Rest into Holy Shield.

    Gear brings Defiance and Fantacism up to 27, and Sacrafice, Zeal and Holy Shield up to 29.

    Helm: P CoA w/ 2 Jewels to give Indestructable, +15% IAS, -15% Req (to reduce str requirement to add to vitality) and +80% Dmg.
    Armor: Zbug fort, perfect stats minus 1.125 unfortunately.
    Gloves: Perf Dracul's Grasp
    Boots: Perf Gore Riders
    Belt: Perf Verdungo's.
    Jewels: Angelic Set Ring/Ring/Ammy
    Shield: Perf HoZ w/ Cham to get Cannot be Frozen
    Weapon: P EBotd Zerk
    Secondary: CtA for Battle Orders.
    Anni: 19/19
    Torch: 19/15

    Have a few 3/20/20 scs and 451 P dmg to help with physical immune mobs (though it doesn't do much)

    When buffed my stats read:

    Damage: 5,114-11k
    Attack Rating: 19,299
    Defense: 32,329
    Life: 3,318

    And resists are 75/75/79/75 (need another small charm to max out lightening but no biggy.)

    Merc has Perf Botd War Pike, Perf Eth Fortitude in Sacred Armor and Perf Delerium BV which I've thought about replacing with Dream for the shock aura.

    Interesting in PVM almost exclusively. I could make changes to up resistences, but haven't felt a need.

    With this setup I have:

    25% Life stolen per hit
    35% chance Open Wound
    15% Crushing Blow
    15% Deadly Strike
    Damage Reduced by 30%
    32% Dmg goes to Mana (which again, helps with survivability)

    I know increasing Crushing Blow/Deadly Strike would help me put mobs down faster, but by how much really? Is it worth taking away from other gear to make it happen? Any other ideas?

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    Re: Critque my Zealer Build plz

    That's a great build. Maybe some of these tips will help, but take what you want and leave the rest. With that huge defense, damage reduction, and life tap, it doesn't look like you're anywhere near risking it on any level. You could make some significant damage improvements, you'd just have to loose some the that tight defense, which shouldn't be a problem.

    First, Deadly Strike is great because it gives you x% of double damage. So 36% Deadly Strike from Highlord's Wrath will you do 36% more damage. That's huge!

    Second, Crushing Blow is good, but it's best if it's taking you quite a few swings to take bad guys down. So if you're one or two hitting everything, Crushing Blow might only be a significant improvement against bosses alone.

    Third, Attack Rating affects damage because it determines how many hits you land, but it suffers from steep diminishing returns. You could easily get by with about half of what you currently have (19K), and not suffer big damage losses. ITD helps too.

    Now, here are some popular alternatives. Don't take this as me pushing the stupid cookie-cutter load-out, it's just some things to consider. I'll state them with a rough estimation of how much more damage they'll give you, along with the trade offs.

    Highlord's Wrath: +36% damage
    Loss: Maybe 7k AR. (Mitigate with Ravenfrost)

    Guillame's Face:
    +25% damage
    Loss: 15% damage reduction, 30 res all, some defense, antlers
    Perks: 35% CB (factored in above)

    Grief Phase Blade:
    +39% damage (19% base damage, 20% DS)
    Loss: +30 all attributes, LL, ML
    Perks: ITD

    Phoenix Shield:
    +25% damage
    Loss: +2 skills, +2 combat skills +20 Str, +20 Vit, +20 Dex (need for Max Block)
    Perks: Redemption is sweet, but not entirely reliable. Better F/L resists.

    With all of these, you'd probably double your damage. But, and this is key, if you do double damage to a monster you would've one-hitted anyway, the extra damage doesn't help you. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Critque my Zealer Build plz

    I think Clervis pretty much covered it. The biggest thing that stands out is the jewelry. You could ditch the Angelic set for Highlord's Wrath and Raven Frost (and some other ringI use a blood crafted ring, but I use Grief instead of EBotD, so that's where I get my leech). You'd still hit stuff easily and you'd have more damage per hit.

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    Re: Critque my Zealer Build plz

    Clerv's suggestions are great ( though his math is dubious ). I would like to further add that you don't need a silly dracs. Get LoH, and put reapers toll on your merc for decrepify which will increase your damage and break immunes.

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    Re: Critque my Zealer Build plz

    Quote Originally Posted by zaphodbrx View Post
    ( though his math is dubious )
    Very dubious.


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