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    Multi-Player Wizards

    So now that 1.08 is here with the huge Strength in numbers buff, I imagine mostly everyone is playing Multi-Player. Has that changed anyone's builds at all? I'm using Archon, and so far it's been pretty good. It's especially good for The Weeping Hollow, and that one tomb in the Fields of Misery that's loaded with zombies. (I swear, that place is like the new secret cow level.) But I'm only now noticing some problems with Archon... For one, the 'Archon Beam' can't critically hit!? I don't know why I hadn't noticed this until now, probably because in single player that beam kills everything so quickly, but in a 4 player game, you really notice that the beam doesn't crit. EVER. wtf is up with that. I have the game set so it only shows Critical hits, and while using the beam, I NEVER see any yellow numbers. Just a few here and there from the Sparkflints shots landing crits. Should I use a Ruby in my wand instead of an Emerald? I have around 85% up time with Archon, and 95% of the damage I do while in Archon comes from the 'Archon Beam', so an Emerald isn't really contributing much to me, is it? For that matter, should I stack more Intelligence and forget about Crit Chance and Crit Damage altogether?

    I always play pubs, MP5-6, and I see all the Wizards, DHs, and WDs have a hard time in the Fields, and the Highlands, because of the trees, and, worse, those giant bulls. (Savage beasts I think, they're called...) They literally charge in from nowhere and one shot everyone. My character lives, though, (I have a much harder time with Scavengers, oddly...) because I put in 'Unstable Anomaly' as a passive, and I have no problem with them. If you're playing multi-player, and playing on maps with those bulls, I think this skill is mandatory. I don't why Blizzard has the monsters 'Share Vision', but they do, and you get charged by these guys from offscreen and one shot killed if you're not careful. Another 'invisible killer' is the cabbages left by the trees. After a while the green smoke graphic just doesn't display anymore, but they still do damage. Normally you know when your character suddenly (instantly) dies. But if you have Unstable Anomaly speced, the ave of force is your warning to MOVE.

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    Re: Multi-Player Wizards

    The beam crits, you just don't get big yellow numbers.


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