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Thread: HC public games

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    HC public games

    Hey guys,

    I am planning to play some D3 in hardcore. Just wonder how many people still playing D3 hc, is it possible to find 4 player public games, etc?

    I wouldn't be very nice if there are total 10 people playing hc ^^

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    Re: HC public games

    should not be a problem at all. some quests here and there might be empty but if you start a new character people will be joining. same for most of the questing.

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    Re: HC public games

    i start with mp5 any quest then work my way down to mp1, eventually find at least 1 person normally a full game for america servers

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    Re: HC public games

    I tend to find a decent amount of public games when I am looking for em although I am not very trusting so I tend to do them sparingly and would rather play with people I know.


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