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Well, I'll have to play my "It's the future" card then. The hose is cheap rubber from lowered safety standards, yeah that's it. Things might get a little wordy having to contrive this to happen. But it will happen! It was already a hot and sunny day before I made this thread, so that will help with volatility.

I think there would be a flamethrower effect. Even though the tank is unpressurized, the extreme weight of the fuel on top would force the bottom liquid out. It's like when you put your thumb over a running faucet; the smaller opening gives the flow more velocity. Wind and an irregular opening might spray the fuel out enough for air to mix in.
YOU DIDN'T SAY IT WAS THE FUTURE!!! Non-standard version of gasoline, for teh win. Call it JP-15

That way, you don't need pressure; the stuff can be self-aerating.