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    I miss my Crabs OH MY !!!

    Crabs, Scorpions = same thing really...

    I just found out tonight that the new Scorpions are now act 1 GOATMEN !!!

    Ran one act 1 Inferno run through Weeping Hollow, Leorics Manor, Fields of Misery, and the Butcher and gained one level...

    I used to do this in act 3 but now its nerfed into Oblivian and not even close to exp in act 1.. MP1 or higher BTW , but Im wondering WHY did they nerf the crabs so badley !!!

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    Re: I miss my Crabs OH MY !!!

    Yeah, Fields of Misery is pure joy, just an endless stream of mobs to slash through.

    If only i could move and use archon at the same time...

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    Re: I miss my Crabs OH MY !!!

    Zombieland is the best for me )

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    Re: I miss my Crabs OH MY !!!

    Fields and weeping hollow are amazing right now as is halls of agony 2. It is like christmas when I get a huge group of goatmen and bats coming towards me and I can just a huge bell right on their heads "The gods strike through me!". I definitely prefer fields though because the decaying crypts and scavenger's den are just amazing for mobs.


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