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    Automods on Low quality

    Hello guys!

    I recently found my first +3 BC Grand Matron Bow, with no sockets. I was hoping to make 3 sockets with the cube recipe, for a Melody rw, but unfortunately it got 5 =(

    So now I'm thinking about using the chip gem + eld to upgrade a low quality bow, and use a Larzuk quest to add sockets, since ilvl 1 amazon bows can only have 3 sockets. But can they also have +3 BC auto mods? Do auto mods work like regular affixes regarding ilvl and qlvl?

    Not that I'm actually swimming in a pool of cracked GMBs mind you or that they'll get +3 BC mods all the time, but still it might be softer to my nerves to waste a cracked GMB than a perfectly good +3 GMB

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    Re: Automods on Low quality

    Automods have affix levels just like rare and magic mods:
    In your case with ilvl=1 and qlvl=78, alvl=2*78-99=57 which is lower than 60. So no way to get +3 B&C on low quality GMB.


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