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    Javazon viable for Diablo 2 without LoD Expansion?

    Hello all, first post here.
    I bought Diablo 2 a weekish ago and am loving it. Never really got into it back in the day so im just a few years late on getting into this game. I made a Amazon and was hoping to make Javazon utilizing Lightning fury. I am only level 10 or so but have done some research and found that there are no magic/unique/rare Javelins without the LoD expansion. Was wondering if it is still viable to build even without LoD. I will be getting it in a few days when i get paid, but was wondering if it will be viable until then. Thanks guys!

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    Re: Javazon viable for Diablo 2 without LoD Expansion?

    Welcome. Most here play LOD Expansion. Your best bet is to ask here:


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