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    usw sc, new ladder - looking for contacts

    Not looking to specifically make a "group" or any such, since I'm bad at the game, lazy, and don't have a reliable schedule.
    That said, it would be nice to have some contacts so I'm not playing entirely with myself and a bunch of bots.
    When I am online, it'll usually be during 1530-1800 (gmt-7), or 0200-0400.
    Account name: EzDay

    Planning on starting with an Assassin, pretty much for no reason other than grabbing normal waypoints and quests with BoS and WoF; finishing as CoT/DTail, or whatever my whim fancies.

    Following up with Paladin, using Holy Fire for leveling; finishing as a Holy Shock/Conviction Zealot (Conviction as a party skill and backup for immunes), mostly for farming low level uniques.

    In no particular order, I also intend to eventually build: 200fcr Sorceress (just always wanted to try it out, don't know what skills I'll use), Poisonmancer, Windy Druid, and Javazon.

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    Re: usw sc, new ladder - looking for contacts

    I'm new to uswest but I'll start there Wednesday morning (I asked the day off from work ) and I also don't have a reliable schedule outside of that day.

    You can add me (username: echodrome).

    I plan on starting with either a fishy or a zealer not sure yet

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    Re: usw sc, new ladder - looking for contacts

    I usually play on East or Europe, but today just made an account on West.. I am starting with a cold sorc...

    username is sgirard91 (same username on all 3 realms btw)

    feel free to hit me up in game, I am always looking for people to play with.. I hate questing alone/with bots..

    My schedule isn't too reliable either, but I usually am online at least 3 times a week (sometimes more) sometime between 1800-0200 CST

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    Re: usw sc, new ladder - looking for contacts

    HeLLo I recently started playing d2 again! Wont mind making more friends in the west ladder!
    Add me Darkwen[ik]
    My time zone is +8gmt I usually play at night around 10pm
    I am currently playing a summoner necromancer level 12



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