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Hey all,

This piece is in celebration of Diablo 3's one year anniversary. The game has gone through a lot over this past year. Bugs, content tweaks, paragon levels, class balancing, difficulty balancing, and more. Love it or hate it the game's here. This collage was both an idea and an experiment to get more familiar with CS3 some more. Hope you all like.


Artwork used:

Barb, WD, Wizard, Monk, and DH by Josh Tallman [link]
Skeleton King, and Tyrael by Brom [link]
Butcher by SeungHwan Jang [link]
Maghda by Sandra Wagner [link]
Belial by (can’t find their name)
Azmodan by John Polidora [link]
Diablo – Wei Wang [link]

Diablo (C) Blizzard
Fiery Runes by me
Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3