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    Re: Ladder reset incoming! Need someone to play with? Read!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tymbark View Post
    I know I'm a latecomer, but I plan to play afresh through whole game with a necro (no grushing/powerleveling), and as my friends cease to play DII long time ago, I'm always looking to play with nice people from the forums

    I'm posting here just to identify myself, as I'll be joining "ETF public channel" when I log in.
    Hope to see some of you online

    I might not be on much these days, but I'm planning a new druid (lvl1), so if you're still looking for peeps to start, I'll do my best to get on tonight

    (currently working on a sorc (lvl24) as well, since the necro (lvl66) I have is far too slow to find stuff or help people)

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    Re: Ladder reset incoming! Need someone to play with? Read!

    Hey. Having reactivated Sin on NL it reminded how fun kickers are to play. Gazing the gates of encampment at



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